GUN Man shoots, kills burglar during home invasion

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    Man shoots, kills burglar during home invasion
    Audio: Listen to the 911 call
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    By Lauren Pack

    Staff Writer

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    HAMILTON — A Hamilton man was shot five times early Friday morning after striking a resident with a sledgehammer during a home invasion in Lindenwald, according to Hamilton police.

    Officers responded to a home on the 900 block of Bishop Avenue just after 1:30 a.m. Friday to the report of a shooting. On arrival, Jamie R. Buck, 33, told them a man demanding money and jewelry broke through his kitchen door with a sledgehammer, according to a Hamilton police report that chronicles an aggravated burglary, but does not mention the shooting.
    Jamie R. Buck returns to his Bishop Avenue home in Lindenwald from The Fort Hamilton Hospital Friday after he was treated for injuries sustained during a home invasion. Buck said a burglar struck him with a sledgehammer before he shot the man five times, killing him.Click to enlarge
    Millard Brandenburg, 31, died early Friday after he was shot five times by a resident after allegedly breaking into the man's home with a sledgehammer.

    Buck said he shot the man, later identified as Millard Brandenburg, in self defense.

    "He's laying dead in my kitchen," Buck said on the 911 tape. "He tried to kill me."

    Buck returned home just after 9 a.m. Friday from The Fort Hamilton Hospital with a bandage wrapped around his head.

    "Everything's OK," he told reporters. "I'm fine."

    Results of an autopsy performed Friday at the Butler County morgue indicate Brandenburg was shot once in the head, three times in the torso and once in the flank, :bigthumb: said county Coroner Dr. Richard Burkhardt, who added that "(Brandenburg) was intoxicated."

    An exterior door at Buck's residence was broken, Burkhardt said, and the resident was not only hit with a sledgehammer, but also with a framed picture off his wall.

    "He (Brandenburg) grabbed a picture and hit him (Buck) in the head," the coroner said.

    Lee North, a friend of the resident seen leaving the home Friday morning, said the intruder hit Buck in the head with the hammer and that Buck retreated back to his bedroom to get his gun.

    North, who had been inside talking with the resident's relatives, said there was a trail of blood between the kitchen and the bedroom.

    Buck also called for police early Monday morning during an incident at Bob's Cafe on Hooven Avenue. According to a police report, Buck said he attempted to stop an unidentified man from beating a woman and when he called for police he was attacked, forced to the ground and stomped. Buck suffered an injured eye, jaw, mouth and head, according to the report. Hamilton police did not know whether the bar fight was connected to the break-in at Buck's home.

    Brandenburg has a lengthy criminal record that includes arrests for ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing, drug abuse, forgery, fleeing and eluding and assault. Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper said Brandenburg recently had been released from prison.

    Piper said he was consulted about the case just hours after the shooting occurred. Detectives and prosecutors are still looking at the physical evidence, but Piper said he hasn't seen any evidence inconsistent with Buck's self-defense version of the incident.

    "In a case like this, it is not unlikely that a grand jury would review it," Piper said. "But I don't see anything right now that doesn't point to self defense."

    Staff Writer Cameron Fullam contributed to this report


    Sounds like a good clean shoot to me
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    +1 for the good guys
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    Ethnic intimidation? Is that just a fancy name for racism?

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