GUN Man shoots self in head in apparent accident

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    Man shoots self in head in apparent accident,112908chshooting.article

    November 29, 2008
    By Becky Schlikerman, staff writer

    William Agee was starting to get his life together.

    The Chicago Heights man had just gotten his first apartment and was about to visit his father and siblings in New York, said his mother, Frankie Agee.

    But William Agee's promising life ended Thanksgiving day when he shot himself in the head in what police said appears to be an accident.

    "We're just looking for answers," said Agee's childhood friend Calvin Williams as he stood on the porch where Agee shot himself, blood stains still evident on the wood."We want to know why."

    Williams said Agee, 30, of 1643 Buena Vista Ave., was a gregarious, humorous man who always was the center of attention.

    Agee's cousin Derrick McCree, 20, said he smiles when he thinks of him because he was so funny.

    But most of all, friends remember him as someone who took care of the people he loved.

    "He had a heart of gold," Williams said.

    Agee had a fondness for kids and gave them whatever he could, he said.

    "He was Santa Claus to kids everyday," Williams said.

    Agee also was passionate about President-elect Barack Obama.

    He was "Obama crazy" and got people out to vote,Williams said. He's glad Agee was able to see Obama get elected.

    Williams was with Agee at a Thanksgiving gathering at a friend's home at 1661 School St. when the tragedy occurred.

    Agee had been hopping from one Thanksgiving gathering to the next. When he got to the home on School Street, he said "Happy Thanksgiving," to the group of about 10 people, Williams said.

    Then Agee went outside.

    He was on the porch with his girlfriend and a friend when the people inside the house heard a gunshot, said Amanda Preacely, who lives in the house on School Street and is a friend of Agee.

    Agee was taken to St. James Hospital and Health Centers in Chicago Heights, where he died that evening.

    Chicago Heights police Lt. Michael Romano said the shooting appears accidental.

    He said witnesses said there was no argument, and foul play isn't suspected. Romano said the circumstances of the shooting and Agee's motivations are not clear.

    Romano said police aren't investigating it any further.

    Williams said he's sure Agee's death is an accident.

    That's something Agee's mother agrees with.

    "He wouldn't hurt himself intentionally," she said.
    To bad he didnt shoot himself in the head a few months ago. What was he doing with a gun in shitcago anyway.
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    guess that gun ban doesn't apply to fools
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    Gun aimed at head...check.

    Trigger pulled...check.

    Doesn't seem like an accident to me.
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    it says his girlfriend and a 'friend' were out on the porch with him....why isn't anyone asking them questions?

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