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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by TerryMathews, Jan 14, 2004.

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    1. Downloaded Pluralitas Concentio. Very good. Same style as the Escaflowne movie and NGE Death & Rebirth; IE, it's a recap movie. Some things are done differently. There are a few scenes that I liked better from the movie (Ayato figures out that Haruko Shto is in fact Haruko Mishima much earlier, when he returns from his trip into T-J as an example); some scenes work better in the TV show (Why the world gets remade as it does is glossed over in the movie, the 30 minute struggle between the Instrumentalists is pared down to ~5 minutes). All in all though it's an excellent OVA.

    In case anyone wonders, the ending does cover a different time period but it's obvious that the ending from the TV show and the ending from the movie are not mutually exclusive. TV show covers around a year from the remaking of the Earth, movie is 60 years from that.

    Both are excellent. Highly recommended. :bigthumb:

    2. Mars. Read through all 15 volumes of the TokyoPop manga yesterday. Excellent story. If you enjoy stories like Ai Yori Aoshi or Kare Kano, you'll like this. It's got kind of an overused premise, two broken people find each other and fix each other, but the author does take it into a fresh and interesting direction.

    Also, don't be discouraged by the back cover talking about Mars being a popular teen girl series in Japan; I don't get it. IMO there's too much violence for most of the girls I know to enjoy it. By the end, I believe the head count was around 6 fatalities.
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    SIGH! I loved Mars so much. Very well done. I liked the drama and suspense of it. The art is beautiful as well. My other favs are Marmalade Boy and Peach Girl.
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    I'm waiting for the right-to-left edition of Peach Girl to come out before I buy it.

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