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    A crazy but very believable theory regarding the matrix.....

    After seeing the movie for the second time, I think I finally found out the real plot of these movies. This is it:

    The mission of the One is to save the matrix at any cost.

    The architect was the one who created the Matrix; the co-creator is neither Persephone nor the Oracle. Both of them are only programs that have a purpose in the matrix, just like the rest. The Matrix is both the "matrix world" and the movie's "Real World." The Architect is in charge of the Matrix world and the co-creator is in charge of the "real world," namely Zion. We now the co-creator is a woman. She has almost the same age as the architect. Therefore, that woman is the Head Counselor, the only woman of importance that lives in Zion and the one who asked for the 2 captains to volunteer at the council meeting. She's the one who knew all along about the matrix. She was the one who told Zion's Defense minister to cool off and to let Morpheus do his work.

    Morpheus and Trinity are not quite human. Morpheus's mission is to find the One and deliver him to the Architect. Trinity's purpose is to control the One by getting in love with him. Love's the ultimate control power. Neither Morpheus nor Trinity is an agent. They never knew whom they were really working for. They are programs that think they're human and they will be in shock when they learn the Truth. They will realize that the One is fighting for "them," the machines.

    Trinity is supposed to be the mother of the new One every time the matrix is Reloaded. That's why she was named Trinity.

    The anomaly (or the glitch) in the matrix IS NOT Neo. The One is the "Vaccine" for the real virus. He is the one who has to find the anomaly, patch it up and reset the Matrix. And since the anomaly could have appeared in either world, Neo had to have a "human" personality- so he can pass as the messiah, and check things out in Zion. That's the reason of the prophecy: so the Zion people could help him. He was right when he said that the One was not who could end the war as the prophecy stated. Both the counselor and the Oracle were happy to know he still had some human emotions even though they already knew he was not a human being, only a program.

    Persephone and the Mero guy represent Adam and Eve. They were the first Ones. Mero was corrupted by power, so the matrix was not perfected. That's why Persephone wanted that kiss. She longed for the human emotion that Neo still has, but that it's not going to last. Just as she was Mero's debility when he was the First One, Trinity is Neo's Eve. She will be the fall of Neo. Neo will not fulfill his destiny as the One, for he'll be "sinning" and lusting for Trinity. Good way to blame women for all our errors, huh? Mero is not the one anymore. He kinda "abdicated" his throne by accepting Persephone and willing to live as a powerful rogue program.

    The actual glitch is Smith. He's the only Human in this world. He's the one spreading himself like a virus replicating himself over and over until the Matrix will finally get overloaded and fail. Smith is the one who wants to get out of the Matrix for good. He knows that by killing Neo he can do so. Neo is the key to reset the matrix, or to shut it off. Smith is the one who has one of the most visible of the human emotions, Rage. Of course, since we've rooting for Neo since the beginning, we will also be in shock when we find this out and we will reject this theory just as Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity do so as well.

    Some other stuff I found out when seeing the movie for the second time:

    The council seems to have 23 people, way more women than men. Does that means that they are the original 23 who Neo selected as the Zion' original children?

    The Zion scenery, the "party" they had and Neo's and Trinity's love scene seems to be kinda understandable. Since this movie is way deep in religion, then Zion represents Hell. It's located down there. The people seem to party like it's 1999 in a lustful yet monotonous way and they can commit the original sin when they like it. Furthermore, they clearly violate the very 1st commandment- "Thou Shall Not Idolize Anyone But Me, your True God." They think Neo is the Messiah but Neo is not.

    The counselor who had a chat with Neo said that he had no idea how the machines worked in Zion, but that city could not live without them. That means that Zion was created just like the Matrix, as another simulated world. When the matrix is reloaded, they just kill the people and start again. The city is already there, so no one has to rebuild it. Thus hardly anyone knows how things work there.

    The color Red has a lot importance in the movie. The first pill Neo took was Red. The doors in Zion rooms are Red. The candy and the candy wrapper the Oracle gives to Neo is Red, and obviously, Banes' blood from his hand wound is also red.

    Finally, there's no Matrix within a matrix. The matrix is actually both worlds, Zion's and Agent land.
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    This is an addendum to my first post in this thread.

    I know you will probably have more questions about my postings after you read this, but this will it be my last. If I elaborate more on this, I'll probably be expelled from these forums for life. My objective is to enlighten you and get you close to the truth.

    All of the Matrix movies can be described in the following sentence:


    The human race wants to be God, right? In the movie, Morpheus says humans marveled at our power when we created AI. Well... This AI had to have somewhat of a consciousness; otherwise it would not be intelligent. That means that it needed to think and grow. However, if we allowed that intelligent (and artificial) being to realize what we're using machines for our convenience, it would probably rebel against us. Consequently, humans created the matrix to lock up AI's mind. Now, multiply AI's counciousness plus infinity and you get a bunch of minds that needed to be controlled in order for us to harness their power; not their BTUs per se, but their functionalities.

    Are you still with me? Ok; now… we can agree that when something needs to be watched out no one can do it better than its owner, right? Well…. Somehow, we "downloaded" human minds into that matrix program to take care of the matrix and to patch it up should an anomaly appear.

    Now comes the human factor. Since AI's minds were created based in human emotions, we could not control them in the first matrix when we set it as a perfect world. Thus, we redesigned the matrix in a more fantastic world, i.e. Neverland, and failed again. As a result, we had to create the matrix as close to as our human world; with all its imperfections, beliefs and Bingo! This Matrix seemed to keep the machines' minds busy so we could feel free to use them as whatever we please.

    However, since we have spiritual beliefs, somehow AI's consciousness somehow developed it as well. They're hoping for someone to free their "spirits" from that "earthly" world. Little did they know that we told them a lil white lie, the prophesy, and that the One's purpose is not their salvation, but the Matrix survival and in the long run, ours. Neo represents the messiah, but not for the humans, but for the machines.

    Smith is the one who realizes all of this and that's why he wants to kill Neo. He wants to shut off the matrix for good so he could be back to the human world again and free himself from the matrix.

    Is this movie Gnostic? You bet your coppertops it is. We created the matrix. We're the architects we're not perfect. In a way, we humans are the imperfect God that creates this imperfect world and imperfect beings. Neo represents the true God that will set the machines free from their slavery.

    Meroglivian and Persephone were the first ones. They're actually human minds downloaded into the matrix to keep it clean. However, Mero realized that he could be God there so he chose exile and to be in control of the matrix underground than the possibility of returning to his human world. He was corrupted with all the power he could have in the matrix.

    Programs are designed for a purpose. Machines are created to serve a purpose too. If we allow them to be free from that purpose, we risk human annihilation. That's why choice (or free will) is the key. We simple do not allow them choices. Neo thinks he can make choices, but his path is already traced. The Oracle told him that he was there not to make a choice, but only to understand why he had chosen it.

    When we design programs, we do flowcharts with if, then, and else. Throughout these movies, these program modules are presented to us in the form of the "people's" free will or choices. Nevertheless, we already know how the program will react if, then, or else, so this program does not have free will… it only looks like he does.

    Bottom line, the matrix is a computer-generated world for artificial intelligences controlled by humans. It is a mirror of our lives, but with a twist: machines are the ones trapped and being ruled by humans, not the other way around. (think Planets of the Machine Apes)

    The next movie's title, Revolutions will be a time where all of the AI beings will be enlightened and then they'll unite and rebel against us, the true enemy.

    P.S. Do not blame the messenger. My purpose here is to bring you the truth, however, it will be up to you to decide whether to believe it or not. The choice will be finally yours.

    Cliff notes: The Matrix is not a human minds' prison, but AI's!!
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    I don't think so
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    When the ship exploded and they ran on ground and Neo said "Wait, something doesn't feel right," and he stopped sentinels just like he stopped the bullets when fighting the outdated programs? So does that really mean it's a matrix within a matrix or what? That's certainly what the movie is implying. I'm (currently) looking at it as a box within a box. You'd have the real world, an 'outer Matrix' and an 'inner Matrix'. The outer Matrix is the one with Zion, the hoverships, and Sentinels. The inner Matrix is the Matrix the characters are familiar with, and can enter and exit whenever they reach 'broadcast depth' and plug their brains in.
    The Architect knew that while 99% of the people would accept the Matrix, that would leave a minority that wouldn't. So they created another reality for the minority (Zion, and those that escape from the Matrix like Neo did in the first movie) to play at being the resistance and tilt at windmills they believed real but were in fact were just a part of another level of the Matrix.
    The whole "Neo feeling the Sentinels" bit was about as unsubtle a hint as they could give since the powers he displayed in the 'real world' don't exist in the real world, but can in a generated world like the Matrix, hence the 'real world' that Neo et al believe in is not 'real' but generated.
    The Architect said that there were previous 'Ones', and that the machines had gotten very efficient at wiping out Zion. Due to the flaw in the Matrix, the birth of a 'One' could be predicted and, since the One could wipe out the Matrix and could not be stopped, the machines had no choice but to distract him (or her, I imagine) or channel him to their own ends. With a second level of the Matrix as insulation, they could then afford to let the One win through to the final level (the mainframe), always guided by the prophecy, or the (AI) Oracle (Neo's very good at 'taking orders', as the French AI said; i.e. the One's are lead around by the nose) whereupon confront him with the choice of killing everyone everywhere, or accepting defeat and re-estabishing Zion (to draw the future rebels into a single, convenient location) after the machines destroyed it.
    The machines would, of course, only let the new Zionites know exactly what they wanted them to know, including the 'prophecy' which would guide the Zionites against the machines even if it really was just a load of crap. This lack of info is seen clearly in the lack of knowledge of history in Zion. Remember the first movie, when Morpheus told Neo "We don't know who started the war, but we know it was us who destroyed the sky." Don't know who started the war? Riiight....
    The previous Ones had always chosen defeat. It is unknown if they didn't realize that the whole rise of Zion, creation of the 'prophecy', freeing of the One, final battle, defeat of Zion was cyclical, or if they took a 'fight again another day' stance, hoping that the next One would see further/do better.
    Even if they had not chosen defeat, the army of Sentinels and the destruction of Zion would leave the One without a powerbase and at the mercy of the Sentinels in the outer Matrix/'real world', and easily killed--as almost happened to Neo at the end--whereupon the machines could just re-seed Zion themselves.
    Except Neo didn't die at the end. The Oracle can't just tell him what's really going on. Knowledge is not enough. Trinity knows that the bullet that killed her isn't real, but she still died. Neo has to understand what's going on. This is the point that was hammered on again and again--there is no choice (which you'd use knowledge to make), there is only understanding (or words to that effect).
    The Architect said that Neo caught on/understood the implications quicker than the others. While the other Ones were defeated because they chose defeat, Neo didn't chose that. He chose to save Trinity, let Zion be wiped out and went back to the outer Matrix/'real world'. And he would have died there a few minutes later, except he 'felt' the Sentinels and had a flash of understanding that he machines didn't expect him to have (or at least hoped he wouldn't). He couldn't 'feel' the Sentinels in the real world, and if he felt the Sentinels, then ergo this wasn't the real world. And if it wasn't the real world, it was a Matrix, and as the One he could destroy the Sentinels. And he did, though the effort seems to have cost him.
    And why was the dude that tried to kill Neo, why was he cutting himself (looked like an 11) then going after Neo? And why was he spared by the sentinels?
    That was Agent Smith. The first time we see him, he 'infects' one of the Zionites in the Matrix. The new Agent Smith then gets downloaded over the 'hardline'. It's not shown, but obviously he winds up in the Zionite's body. Why Smith is cutting himself is unclear--perhaps he's using the pain as a focus, maybe he's just insane.
    But the fact he's in a Zionite's body is interesting. How can an AI, a computer program, run in the organic wetware inside a person's skull? Easy answer: he can't. If the 'real world' is actually an outer Matrix, then the Zionite though out of the inner Matrix is still just a computer representation--which Smith can co-opt.
    Being spared by the Sentinels is harder. The easy solution is that he still works for the mainframe, and is an obvious plant. However, I thought he really went rogue against everyone. Maybe because he wasn't human the Sentinels ignored him. <shrug>

    Final thought: we have no idea what year it is. None. And the only way I can think of to establish a date is by comparing the current position of the stars to a known position--except the stars, conveniently, cannot be seen. The year could be 2050, 2500 or 20000 for all we know. There have been six previous Ones, but how long is the average interval between them?

    My take.
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    In the last 15 seconds of the next movie, Neo wakes up in front of a computer screen and goes "whoa!" :eek3:
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    Watch the Animatrix. It explains the stuff about us torching the sky...
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    i knew it! :o

    I read all of that claptrap, and i will be looking forward to seeing how they can pull off a complete assfuck like that. I can definitely believe Neo = program.
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    Nah a 15 year-old kid is playing his ps2 and shuts it off :eek3:
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    If the shit that I posted is true, that will be one of the greatest mindfucks in movie history :hs:
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    Very cool theory. I was thinking that the machines/AI have become too human.

    Think about it:
    Obsolete programs have 2 choices. 1) Report for deletion or 2) exile into the matrix (Logan's run anyone?).

    Just by watching the 2nd reinessance I saw that the AI machines rebelled because they didn't want to be destroyed (there's a cliff's notes for you).

    Now that they've taken the humans place the more powerful programs are treating the lesser programs like the humans use to treat machines.
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    kenkaniff: your theory is not without holes, but it would actually kind of make sense. Maybe in a slightly different way, but it would be a good mindblower.. I like it more than some other theories. And Smith being human or something of that nature kinda makes sense. You know how in the Matrix One he says how much he hates being in there? The smell, etc.. Where does he want to get out to? Anyway, who knows..
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    KenKaniff, the first post... I could believe it. The second post, nah.. to much, but not impossible either.
  14. ur theory sucks. your wrong.
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    wow, could you be more wrong
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    why? is it really so hard to believe?
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    interesting theory, mr. kenkaniff, but i dont think you're right. You're just using the holes in the story (that will probably be explained in the 3rd) to create an explanation you like
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    in to read after i watch reloaded a couple houndred more times
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    That is the question.
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    KenKaniff when you are wrong can we all slap you?
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    hey bro, it's just my theory. Nothing more nothing less. Take it how you want ;)
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