Matrix- Old School.

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Dexteh, Nov 6, 2003.

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    so, in short, revolutions lacked enough kung fu and hand to hand fighting. it was all about guns, and not in the cool sense like the lobby scene in M1, but just short little clips. then the zion battle was just APUs blasting off at sentinals. the gun fight with merv's men was cool, but wouldnt it have been that much cooler if they had used all those guns on the wall, and thrown away guns ala neo in m1? plus, there was so little hand to hand in this movie, all there was were a few shots of neo and mr smith flying around in crappy CG. more kung fu, and nothing they did rivaled the burly brawl OR the freeway chase. less fauxlosophy, more ass kicking.

    that said, i loved each and every one of the matrix movies for what they were. no overanalysation, just pure understanding of the principles and themes. done.

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