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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by DonnieDanko, Nov 3, 2003.

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    before i see the third one wed. i want to be clear on some things

    So Smith was supposed to be deleted when he went back to the mainframe, but instead he did what? Hacked another program?

    So is he a program like the merovingian and his gang, and just more powerful?

    Also, when he went through the other door in the architects room, it meant Zion would be destroyed in 24 hrs? And neo is going to try to chage it right?

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    This is how I see it.

    Smith was supposed to of been destroyed in the first Matrix [movie]. But when Neo jumped "into" him, he ended up changing himself (Neo) AND Smith. This somehow allowed Smith to return, but also to copy himself (and later allows Neo to stop the squids in the real world). Yes, Smith is still a program just like The Merovingian, Oracle, and Persephone. But he is also MORE than that. He is able to do things the other programs can not do. Like copy himself and create an avatar of himself in the REAL world (Bane).

    No matter which door Neo chose, Zion would be destroyed. Through one door, Neo would be reinserted into the Matrix and his code would be disseminated and he would be able to choose 23 new people to repopulate Zion (which all previous Ones chose in the Matrices). If he chooses the other door (to save Trinity), the systemic anomaly the Architect talked about will kill all the humans residing in the matrix. Those deaths in addition to the death of the humans in Zion will result in the extinction of the human race.

    Of course, now Neo is trying to change that outcome. Hope this makes sense.
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    Smith seemed like he was deleted in the first one but apparenty he wasnt. It seems like to me that when Neo jumped into him and exploded him it added some of neo's code to smith and somehow smith became a virus. Now all smith has been doing is multiplying himself because neo was knocked unconsious no man/prog cud stop him either. And i also think trinity might be a little more powerful in the 3rd movie because she was supposed to die in the second but neo was there to take out the bullet so she might assume like neo powers.

    Hope this helps.
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    smith was not deleted because when he was merged with neo in the first movie, he gained some of neo's human nature (and power), that of rebellion. Instead of going back to the 'source/main frame' he says to neo in the second film; that he was compelled to resist (something a program does not do.) So as other rouge programs have done, he decided to remain in the matrix and not be assimilated. Now he is a free program running amok in the matrix. (Although he acknowledgeds he is not 'truly' free.

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