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    Birthday: September 25, 1965
    Birth Place: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
    Birth Name: Matteo Battaglia

    Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Matt grew up in the towns of Tucker and Lithonia, Georgia, two suburbs of Atlanta. He earned a football scholarship to the University of Louisville, where he became an All-American as a middle linebacker, leading the nation in tackles his senior year. He was team captain his junior and senior years and was voted Most Valuable Player. Matt went on to play in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles. Two years later, his career ended abruptly after a major shoulder injury. It was shortly thereafter that Matt turned his energy and focus to pursue a career in acting and screenwriting.

    On a personal level, Matt is the co-founder and co-host of Louisville's biggest Derby Day party named The Mint Jubilee, which raises money for cancer research. After only four years, the Mint Jubilee has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, E! Entertainment Television, ESPN, ABC and Fox Television. It was conceived after Matt lost his mother to cancer six years ago. Over 1,200 guests attended this past year's event along with over twenty celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.

    [size=+1]A Letter From Matt[/size]

    Dear friends,
    You may not agree with what you are about to read but agreeing is not what’s important. I write to express certain beliefs of mine and I hope that in some way while you read them, they stir your mind and your soul. If nothing else, we will share a moment in time and perhaps a point of view that will evoke you to thought. So here goes....

    I believe that we are all on this earth for a purpose. As a very good friend of mine once said, "Life without a purpose is nothing more than an experiment". I believe that we should not just float through life, yet many of us do on a daily basis. We get caught up in the stresses and the worries of the day, created either by ourselves or by something in our external environment. More often than not, what we spend hours, days and weeks worrying about, are nothing more than fabrications in our own minds about something that has not yet even happened. We spend time worrying about “What if that happens” or “What if this happens” and we create fabrications of experiences that more than likely will never take place. We kid ourselves into thinking that worrying will in some way change the outcome. But it never does. As written in a fairly famous book – The Bible -- “Which of you can add a single hour to your life by worrying”. In short, what’s the point. Worrying won’t change a thing but it can very likely create depression, sickness, high blood pressure and disease. So take your mind captive and be aware every day on what you spend your time thinking about. If you ever find yourself in a problem or stressing about a certain situation, try to do what another good friend of mine suggests. “When you’re worried about something, stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solution”. Not bad advice is it? By focusing on the problem at hand or on something that has already happened (like wrecking your car, losing your job, or breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend), you keep yourself living in the past and you’re not moving forward in your life. By focusing on the solution, you instantly become proactive in thinking about how to improve your situation. You begin acting in ways to change things in a positive way and you leave the bad feelings in thoughts caused from a past situation for the good thoughts that lead you into tomorrow and into your future. In short, you’re moving forward instead of staying in your rut.

    You need to take time to yourself and think about what you want to do with your life and then follow through in pursuing your dreams. Make them a reality. Be bold enough to try and make a positive difference in this world while you're here so it will be a better place for having you in it. We have opportunities every day to make a difference but you have to have your eyes open enough to see them. Making a positive difference in this world is nothing more than a choice. You choose to do right or do wrong, you choose to tell the truth or to lie, you choose to make a difference or to do just enough to just get by. Why settle for being mediocre in your life? It's common and complacent, and deep down inside you know you're above that. Whether you're a teacher, doctor, janitor, housewife, writer, police officer...there are ways you can make a difference

    I would like to ask all of you that read this to take some time and reflect on your life. Look back on your successes and failures. Not in just your career but in your personal life as well.

    It’s interesting that at the end of every year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions. We take the time to reflect on the year that has just passed and we decide that we are going to make some changes in our lives for the year to come. Perhaps we are going to get back into working out, or become a better communicator in our relationships, or spend more time going to church and less time drinking. And more often than not, by late January or by the beginning of February, we have slipped back into the same rituals and habits that we had for the entire year and most probably for the past decade, because we have forgotten or have given up on our focus out of laziness. The next thing you know, another year passes, and we start the whole cycle over again.

    What if you looked back on your life and said, "Okay, I’m now 20 years old, or 35 years old, or 60 years old. I’ve had a great life, but I don’t want another ten years to just pass me by", "What would I do different"? Think about it! You can choose not only to start a new year, but to start a new life. Pretend that you’ve lived one life and that right now, you’re starting another. If you could start another one fresh and new, knowing what you do now, what would you do differently? What would you improve? Are there any dreams you’ve given up on? Are there any things you haven’t done? Who do you hang around with that has a negative effect in your life? Who should you get out of your life because they’re holding you down or treating you badly? Are you being as good a parent to your children as you can be? Are you being honest with people or are you telling lies? The questions you could ask yourself are endless but I urge you to take the time and think about it. You could have a brand new life. There is no doubt that it will take focus, discipline, and persistence. But how exciting it could be! All of the things you don’t like about yourself, you can change. You could be the person you’ve always wanted to be instead of the person you’ve always hoped you would be. You might find that some of the things you want to change have been a behavior of yours or a way of thinking for years. It probably won’t be easy. But know this....

    One day you’re going to blink --- and your life will be over. You will wonder where all the time has gone. You’ll look back on your life with regrets and wish things could have been different. Well, now is your chance to keep that from happening. Seize this moment. You’ve taken the time to read this note. Take the time to live your life the way you were meant to. You never know, there might be a reason that you were suppose to read this today. Maybe enough time has passed you by and it’s time for you to take control of YOUR LIFE, instead of letting your life take control of you. I stress “your life” because you’re the only one that can change things. When it’s all over, you won’t have anyone to blame for what you do or don’t do in life besides yourself.

    I leave you with this final thought. As you know, life has it’s ups and downs and we each go through our peaks and valleys. I don’t know about you, but I have found that if I didn’t have God in my life, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I don’t know how people get through some things in life without Him. Perhaps right now, you’re having troubles in your life. Perhaps, someone you know is down or sad. My sister once gave me some incredible advice. She said, "The more time you spend with God, the more time God will spend with you". Those were some of the truest words ever spoken to me. She continued by saying "It all starts with prayer". May your life be blessed with health, happiness, and peace of mind.

    -Matt Battaglia
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    Good read. After the first sentence: "you may not agree with what you are about to read," I was expecting something a little more controversial than what was presented.

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