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    May 29, 2004
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    Age: 18
    Height: 5'5 - 5'6
    Weight: 120
    Supplements: Protein, Multiviatamin (May use a gainer for morning since breakfest was hard to make =\)

    Goals: Get Big? Bulk to 170 and see where it goes from there.
    Diet: Consists of Poultry, Fish, No red meat (beef/pork/buffalo or along the lines) Chicken is Staple. Rice is eaten alot too.


    Squats-5x5(Do four progressively heavier sets of 5 with the 5th set being your 5RM.)
    Deadlifts-5x5(Do the same)
    Bench Press-5x5(Do the same)
    Incline DB Press-2x12-20

    Light Squats or Lunges-4x8 each leg
    Good Mornings-3x8-12
    Shoulder Press-5x5 or Dips-4xmax until you get 12 each time. then add weight.

    Squats-warmup to a 3 reps with 5 more lbs than you used on Monday. On the following monday use this weight for your 5th set.
    Bent Over Row-5x5
    Incline Bench-5x5
    Tricep Extensions-2x12-20

    On Monday(day 1) and Wednesday (day 3) I may go in to do abs a quick exercise of an exercise not done yet. Just depends when i have classes and whatnot.

    Start Date : September 8th. Wont start taking protein till i get $$ to buy the whey :rofl: wish me luck? kthxbye

    PS: If any broly thinks the routine is not good or should have changes. please comment on it. Im a noob and would love help. I went to check out what you need for the weight room and i didnt see any guys in the personal trainers in there (student ones) if i do i may ask them for help.
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