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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by dukeboy, Apr 18, 2004.

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    Hey guys,
    This is directed more to the people who detail cars, but I want to know if anyone has a set method/routine when doing a full detail on a car. I'm planning on starting to detail for a lot of people over the summer and I just wanted some efficiency tips.

    While I'm at it, i'm still not getting the shine out of my car that I want, Im thinking of buying a Vanilla Moose, Carnuba Moose package from Clearkote, but would that be the best choice for my car?

  2. Scottwax

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    Vanilla Moose/Carnuaba Moose looks great on red. Very wet and reflective.

    My normal routine for detailing is as follows:

    1. Remove everything from the interior including floormats
    2. Blow out interior crevices on neglected interiors and vacuum
    3. Clean all interior surfaces
    4. Wash/dry exterior, wheels and wheel wells
    5. Clay if needed
    6. Work out any serious paint problems (like swirls, scratches, etc)
    7. Polish paint as needed
    8. Light polish or glaze
    9. Wax or use sealant
    10. Clean windows inside and out
    11. Dress interior
    12. Dress exterior trim and wheels
    13. Inspect and touch up
    14. Takes pics and post them. ;)
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    I have very much the same routine as Scott, but I do all the interior stuff first, then do the outside of the car.

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