CAR May I request the power of OT to find someone?

I recently bought a car that was warranted to be free from certain issues. It was not. (Egregiously so.) The seller agreed to a settlement which he has now breached. Oddly, I can't find him as he moved last fall so free online databases have not caught up.

I am going to take legal action against him. I can do that without being able to find him but I will have an MUCH MUCH better time of it if I can have him served. I will Venmo $50 to the first person to find him.

PM me for deets :wavey:
Someone agreeing to warranty a twenty year old Volvo should have been a red flag lol. You’re having some bad luck lately my man. Hope you get his ass.
I don't want to get into details here but it was about a specific issue. I'm not an idiot, I would not ask for a private party warranty on a car like this.
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What kind of attorney relies on spoken word gentlemen’s agreements? Why is your life a series of run on calamities
An attorney who was dealing with a relatively minor transaction, who has a pretty good sense about older cars, and who has bought and sold 11ty such cars and never had a problem before.

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