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    How fast are the stock? how is their reliability? how modable are they?
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    How fast are the stock?
    Decently, i cant recall any actual numbers...but i do know they feel faster then they really are...but you certainyl wont be killing any Civic Si's with them, if that helps. But handling is top notch with a good suspension setup.
    How is their reliability?
    Preaty good as any other Japanese 4 banger. And the engines seem to hold out quite well.
    How modable are they?
    How imaginative are you? The aftermarket for Miats is HUDGE! Considering they are not as "popular" as other cars on the road. But there are a great deal of Miata enthousiats, that really have a passion for performance, so 90% of the mods that you find for miatas will be truly performance oriented, and not riceboy fluff like you see with Hondas. There are tons of suspension mods, every part of the Miatas suspension has an aftermarket part. The engines are really that powerful, so the handling is key, and most performance parts are geared tword handling. The engine does accept mods well, and there are turbo kits avliable for it. You can get some impressive numbers out of those engiens for what they are. If your interested in seeing what a Miata is capable of, go to a local SCCA event, and take a loot at the number of miatas there, and how well they do compared to other comprable cars. They are quite impressive. Not to mention that the Miata crowd is preaty helpful, and not a bunch of stupid kids liek other import groups.
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  5. I've got a '00 Miata so maybe I can add some on what has already been said.


    No problems here. There are a couple problems that hit certain model years but they are well documented and easy to avoid. Mazda is not in the same league as Honda or Toyota but the miata is still damn reliable. So this shouldn't be an issue.

    How fast:

    If you are talking about straight line performance then you are really barking up the wrong tree. Mine will do 0-60 in the mid to upper 7's. Nothing to sneeze at but not at all impressive when you've got stuff like the new accord and altima on the road. The car feels very quick on its feet though. The real joy of the car is its handling and tossability. You don't buy this car if you're a drag racer (although a guy named Rick with a 10 sec purple miata will certainly disagree with you), you buy it because you love to drive and you love corners.


    Aftermarket is quite large for the miata, nothing like the civic but there are plenty of parts available for it. Just about every bolt on is made for it. There a couple supercharger kits and a couple turbo options. The turbo options can turn the car into a corvette killer if one is so inclined or simply give the car the extra boost some feel it needs.

    The car is very light weight (although later models are starting to stray from this) which is part of what makes it so fun to drive. The shifter is outstanding, a simple flick of the wrist and you're in the next gear. The car is forgiving and easy to drive, the more you drive it the more confident you feel. No surprises with handling, it lets you know when you are going to fast or when you can go faster. You can feel it gradually approaching the limit, like I said it makes you feel more and more confident with each mile.

    There are some downsides to the car. If you are over 6' or if you are a good sized guy (muscle or fat) then you may have a harder time getting comfortable in the car. I'm 6' and about 185 and I fit pretty snug but comfortable. I feel thought that if I was an inch or two taller it might become a problem. Of course there is popular idea surrounding the car that only homos and secretaries drive it, not sure if this is important to you or not, it mainly comes from uneducated people though. If you ask any true sports car enthusiast they usually have nothing but good things to say about the miata.

    Doesn't really matter what I write though, it all comes down to driving it. I could write a book on the many reasons that I love mine but you probably wouldn't understand until you got behind the wheel.

    Take one for a drive. I promise you that you'll have fun.
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    Perfect for autocrossing!

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