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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by megabitch3000, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. ok guys and gals - its that time again - MB3K has been a busy lady!
    remember - just because i can get off on these or not - this is only my opinion on the following product(s) */disclaimer*


    i have to give this one 2 thumbs up - it has the best of both worlds with the vibrating and the rotation. when used on lower speeds it gives you just enough stimulation to make you kick it up to full throttle. even on full speed ahead the rabbits ears were gentle to those naughty places :naughty: the rotations where not too broad but enough to let you know it was moving around in there - that part i can really care less about - all in all it was a good night


    the one we got actually has not one but two eggs on it. both of them had their own speed controls. strategically placed in and out of areas the two work great together. even with both on highest speed there was never any sort of power shortage or one over powering the other. great toy - works well inthe car ;)

    ps. i have to give credit where it is due - these wouldnt have worked as well without the operator ---

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    Thanks :bigthumb: I'm always looking for a fun new toy
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    sounds like you had a great time! my girl has a rabbit like that one and also a newer, more improved one that she really loves. she's also got some eggs that are a lot of fun!
  4. been hitting either fairvilla or premier on a weekly basis
    got a few other things this weekend - a beginners butt plug, a butterfly clit stimultar with cordless remoste control - i get to test it out next weekend at the palms. ( 5 star resturaunt her in orlando :naughty: ) then the following weekend we are head out to palm coast and staying at the club at hammock beach - very secluded, but very open resort. we have lots of plans for that weekend.
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    i really need to just break down and buy a rabbit seriously.... before i go thru every other vibe there is out on the market :hs:

  6. there are soo many versions of the rabbit - when picking my last one i went for one with less roating beads internally - too me they are a little uncomfortable especially on the higher speeds. this time when we went we looked for fewer beads adn a good strong vibrating attachment and that was the one we ended up with. i have had a turtle, dolphin, couple of butterflys and then plain ones - they all do the same its just the novelty of what ever creature it is.
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    i bought one for my gf for her bday, we tried it out yesterday and she absolutely loves it. i'm still a little surprised i spent $100 on a toy, but she seems to think it was well worth it :bigthumb:

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