SRS me and family holidays.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by -=Likwid=-, Dec 25, 2006.

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    this year definitely takes the cake. for as long as i can remember, christmas has been the worst of the family holidays... and has gone downhill even further as each one passes. i'm not completely distraught, as i appreciate the fact i even have a family (as dysfunctional and destroyed as it is), but in hindsight i can only see things getting worse. i realise i have a say in taking action and making things improve, but i don't know if it's all a lost cause.
    i can't possibly describe the mountain of problems i have associated with any type of family within any reasonable amount of space. i just need to vent, as vague as this thread may seem.

    happy holidays. if you have (a) family or SO, i hope you can all appreciate every moment you have with them.
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    I'm in the same situation, while many others look forward to the holidays, I dread them. I'd like to go to sleep in mid November and not wake up until January 2nd. My stomach is killing me from putting up with all the bullshit today, and it’s going to be even worse tomorrow. At least today I was able to get away for a bit, tomorrow nothing is open and I have to work on Tuesday. :(
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    I completely understand how you feel.

    This is my first Christmas alone. My bf of 5 years and I split up several months ago, and he has our son for the weekend. My mom is the only other family I have in America and she has plans. So, that leaves me to tag along with her, or sit at home alone. :hs:

    At work tonite I saw so many happy looking families...just makes me kinda sad knowing I was going to be going home to an empty house.

    :hug: for OP

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