Medion - Are they any good?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mongie, Nov 4, 2004.

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    I work in the computer department of an Office-Department store here in Australia, and we normally sell the regular name brands in PC's and Notebooks (HP/Compaq Desktops and Toshiba, Sony, HP/Compaq, Fujitsu notebooks) however today we recieved a new brand, one I'd never heard of before (it seems they are sold by Aldi here, because Aldi buy them in thousands at a time)

    Now, we're a fairly big company, called Officeworks, we're owned by a company called ColesMyer, which is probably the biggest retail company in Australia, they own everything pretty much. To give you an example of how strange it was to get in this laptop... I'll give you a price comparison.

    Work doesnt seem to be affraid to be expensive, we're not PC Store prices, we sell with quality customer service etc... and generally, for something along the lines of this medion laptop which is a...

    Centrino 705 (1.5)
    512mb Ram
    60gb HDD
    12.1" WXGA Screen
    WiFI (obviously)
    4hr batter life etc...

    you'd pay between about $2599 - $2999 depending on brand etc... similarly spec'd sony's go for up to $4000 (note, i'm talking $AU)

    This medion one goes for $1999.

    They are apparently a fairly large company, however, everyone wants you to believe that, so I'm wondering, have any of you heard of them before, and could you give me an idea on their build quality / return rate?

    I was expecting a BenQ style (you guys know BenQ laptops right?) "ASIAN CHARACTER FEST" on the base of the laptop, but all the "OMG LASER BEAM INSIDE" stickers etc.. are in german and english, no asian to be found.

    So, while we'd normally consider european products to be of good quality, is this just an illusion?

    Could anyone shed any light on whether this brand is worth pushing at the value it is, or is it rubbishy crap that I should tell customers to avoid like the plague?

    Cause I realise I babbled on for ages... here some...

    CLIFFS: Got a new laptop in at work, branded "MEDION". Its a lot cheaper than the regular name brands we sell (toshiba, hp, sony etc.) and I'm wondering if they are any good.
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    actually medion bought "gericom" a few years ago.
    gericom was a german company that sold cheap electronic devices, too. the customer support was good, but the products themself were... well... not REALLY good.

    so medion came and bought them and they are selling gericom-notebooks with the medion-brand on it. the devices got better (big pc-magazines tested them and they were always rated good or excellent) and nobody noticed that medion sells improved gericom-stuff.

    medion started to work together with benq like 6 months ago so it's possible that you guys got a benq-laptop saying "medion".
    aldi in germany sells medion-products almost every month (like TVs, PCs and notebooks) and there was never any bigger complaint from the customers.

    so i think, that's another result of german quality-products.

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