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    I have a huge problem with my mind and thoughts. I get interruptive thoughts. Sort of like OCD. And not only this, I am in a constant state of anxiety and depression.:hs: I have heard so much about meditation helping in these types of cases.

    I have even tried it... but only for a couple of days. I need some advice from people who know about meditation... what forms are there? what should I do to pick up meditation and make it help me? Any and all advice appreciated.

    EDIT: to make it clear, i guess i am looking for experiences, tips on how to do it, what helped you, where to learn etc.... thanks
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    Yes , you need a place to escape your transgressions.

    A coin will do, concentrate as hard as you can ONLY on this coin for half an hour to an hour by looking at it. You will consider yourself loony for doing it, but when you look back it sure helps you concentrate.

    Anyway there is more. on Learn how to meditate. Now personally , i combine my meditation with aura training. , when you read this you go absolutely insane (there is no way how i can explain it else) First you laugh hard out loud when you read this, but this stuff works. And when that day arrives that you need something more you can goto shows you a better way of life and lets you rediscover life thru Love.

    I gues you want to know how i do it.

    Close your room, (dimmed light) no noise, sit on your bed and commense (prayer) or if you don't want to , close your eyes. Start balancing you arms left and right in the air, the concentration that you need for that will divert your thoughts from other things. Now start into stopping that you feel seperated and be in unison with everything and everyone. Start with your room, feel how everything is interconnected instead of seperated. And try to reach out with your spirit to the objects in your room. Now a hard part is to start feeling love. Feel love for everything and everyone and expand this love into eternity.
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