Meguiars Swirl Free Polish (pro line) or SFP v 2.0 (pro line)?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by iceburgslim, May 10, 2002.

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    Which one should I get? I have car black car (97 Honda Civic) that has more than it's fair share of swirls, so which swirl remover should I get? I have Meguiars Show Car Glaze and the High tech Yellow Wax # 26 already. Is there a difference in the cut between the two swirl removers? Thanks in advance.
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    Go with the Swirl Free. I've found the Body Shop Professional line to be superior to the Mirror Glaze line. SFP seems a little stronger, but the abrasives are buffered so they break down quickly to a very light polish. SFP also has more oils in it. If the swirls are severe, you may need to start with Dual Action Cleaner/Polish to get more cutting action initially, but just like SFP, the abrasives are buffered, so it is gentle on the paint. SFP and DAC/P work best when you work them into the paint until they look nearly clear and dry. After the swirls are gone, then use either Show Car Glaze or Hand Polish (BSP line) and follow with #26. If you want an even wetter look, then try Pinnacle Souveran which is by far both the best and easiest to use paste wax I have found. It is pricey, though. An 8 oz container runs about $70--but you could probably wax a Prelude at least 40 times with one container; so if you wax your car once a month, you won't need more for 3 1/2 years.

    If you are going to use a buffer, make sure you use a foam pad, not wool.
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    Thanks a billion. I have been frequenting the autotopia furums, and have read a lot about Pinnacle Souveran. I may have to order some! Later!

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