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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by WickedLou9, Jul 7, 2009.

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    My wife has a White Hyundai sante fe. It's not a good looking car, and with white paint, it pretty much looks the same when it's dirty or clean. So I never really bothered to do anything with it.
    it got to a point where the dirt was literally embedded in the paint to the extent that I could no longer wash it off. I tried using a clay bar and it did work, but it was painstaking work. Every swipe of the clay revealed just how dirty the car really was. the paint was rough feeling and dull.

    So I got out the ultimate compound and my 10" dual action buffer. The Ulitmate compound totally cleaned off the paint, removed all the swirl marks and even some surface scratches and abrasions that had been there for a long time. It was super easy to use. When I was done, the car looked like I had already waxed it. the paint was super smooth and slick.
    I followed up with NXT 2.0 because it was all I had. NXT looks OK, but the durability sucks. it stopped beading up after a couple of weeks on my car. P21S lasts twice as long.

    Anyway, just wanted to say how pleased I am with the UC.

    I just took these pics now. it's a little dark out so the reflection isn't great. But it's a white sante fe. Nothing to see. :) This is why I hate working on white cars. You spend 4 hours and what do you get? A car that looks only very slightly better than when you just wash it.

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    I have a feeling your wife's SUV has single stage white paint, which was why it looked so dull. Meguiars products have always been really good for oxidized paint.

    Looks really wet now. :)
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    I am getting ready to sell my white, oxidized 96 toyota camry, and the UC did a GREAT job. yes, it's single stage

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