Menopause is kicking my ass grrr argh


Hello Nice FBI Lady
Oct 5, 2001
Howdy Arabia
When my wife was having hot flashes and mood swings, I found it helpful to tell her reassuring things like, "Stop whining", "Cry about it", and "Calm down".
"Hey, relax, it's not that bad."

"Have you considered embracing the pain?"

"Have you tried hot yoga?"

"Honey, if it was as bad as you say it is, maybe you should talk to your doc about it, he's a nice guy, I'm sure he'll understand"

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

My wife appreciates all of those.


Hello Nice FBI Lady
Oct 5, 2001
Howdy Arabia
I've been peri for a while, not sure if it's been a full year now and officially full on or not, as I kept track on my old phone.

I think OTSS would be okay. The family Christmas help is the one that worries me because it's always so emotional for me already. But imo it's also important. OTSS seems like it shouldn't be, but I know for some that participate each year that it is (I've been one of them).
Delegate where you need to delegate. If you want some help, I'm down to help.
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Nov 23, 2004
A bad place
I expect some of you have noticed I've not been around, or not :p

I probably won't be much until I can get my shit in check (I have a Dr appt tomorrow)

I am not someone that is accustomed to anxiety. I'm not someone that wants to be mean. Apathy has never been my style.

"I hate" and "I don't care" seem to be my main reaction to far too many things right now. Followed by "fuck this" or "fuck that" and just wanting to lash out at anyone for anything.

I adore far too many of you to just start being a cunt and being cruel to people I care about, and I don't enjoy being cruel to those I don't care for either (with the occasional exception of course).

This has always been the best place for venting and support and a good damn chunk of inappropriate humor to help deal with life, and I hope to be able to start utilizing it again soon.

I do still plan to help run OTSS ( @tunes ? ), and organize help for families in need again for Christmas.


And no, I'm not making it a SRS thread, those of you with a need to mock are welcome to do so. It always ends up being entertaining, either because it's funny, or because then 11tybillion end up wondering wtf is wrong with you (which is also funny).

No bleeding is nice, but I was never this wound up from PMS. Cramps, etc sucked, but I'd rather have the physical pain and annoyance than this mental and emotional bullshit, hot flashes, night sweats, orgasms are about 1/4 strength (and I'm often too fatigued to try), blood pressure went from normal to high, and I'm sure there's other shit I'm forgetting.

@12xalt have you tried ... all the options?



Hello Nice FBI Lady
Oct 5, 2001
Howdy Arabia
Wagner fucked around with a small US post in Syria a few years ago. Found out real quick that was a monumental error in judgement.
Shhhh don't give spoilers.

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Tiny Dancer

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May 6, 2016
Pretty sure I’m in Peri-menopause too.
Mood is okay. But the hot/cold waves needs to stop. I have such a narrow window of comfortable temperature and it shifts almost constantly.

Hair only grows on the last 1/4 of my legs though.
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