MMA MFC 15 on HDnet last night **SPOILERS**

Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by roose, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Anyone else catch this?

    They showed the entire card, the fights were pretty much back to back, and they had live Compubox numbers for every fight. For a smaller organization I thought it was a great show.

    The fights were a mixed bag, most were entertaining though. There was only one snoozer.

    The two fights of note were Jesse Forbes (TUF) vs Chris Camozzi and Pete Spratt vs Ryan Ford.

    Camozzi kicked this shit out of Forbes. Forbes face was a bloody mess and he was eating all sorts of punches and some brutal knees. Out of nowhere in the 3rd round Forbes took Camozzi's back, swung his hips around and locked in an armbar. Forbes was truly stunned that he was able to pull off the victory. It was a great fight.

    Ford vs Spratt had a close, competetive first round. Ford grabbed Spratt's shorts so much they ripped almost completely down one side. T*U shorts they weren't. I think Spratt was narrowly winning the first until the very end of the round. Ford was in Spratt's guard and the bell rung. Spratt heard it and stopped defending, Ford appeared to hear it, but Herb Dean didn't hear it. Ford took advantage of this and smashed Spratt in the face with two vicious elbows. Spratt was given a couple minutes to recover, but wasn't the same fighter in the 2nd and he eventually lost to RNC.

    cliffs: good night of free fights, looking forward to more shows like this on HDnet
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    Recorded it...watching now. The first couple fights were explosive albeit very short.
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    i caught this
    the forbes fight was gangster!

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