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    Hi guys,:wavey:
    I'm Inka from Germany and I write a skilled work about Michael Jackson in my English lessons. Therefore I would like to ask you to fill in the following opinion poll and post it below.
    Your support can help me to go on in my work and I would be very happy to get a lot of answers! Thank you!!!
    Yours sincerely Inka

    opinion poll

    1) How old are you?

    2) Would you name yourself a fan of Michael Jackson?
    a) yes
    b) no
    c) I like his music but that’s all

    3) Have you ever gone to one of his concerts?
    a) never
    b) once
    c) twice
    d) more than twice

    4) Do you think he was guilty of child abuse?
    a) yes, I cannot imagine there was nothing
    b) no, that would not fit with his personality
    c) I am not sure about this

    5) Do you believe his death was a loss to the popmusic?
    a) yes, of course
    b) no, it is sad but the music goes on and doesn’t miss him

    6) Give your view on the following statement. Michael’s father is partly guilty of his death.
    a) yes
    b) no

    7) Do you believe in the rumour that he was killed on purpose?
    a) yes
    b) no
    c) could be possible

    Thank you for your support!!
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    Jan 2, 2006
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    I'll play

  3. EyeHateThis

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Jack-o died, who gives a fuck?
  4. GreatStuffEh

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    Yeah sure.

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