LGBT Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

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    Nowhere in particular
    Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

    (Lansing, Michigan) Associated Press March 28, 2005

    Doctors or other health care providers could not be
    disciplined or sued if they refuse to treat gay patients under
    legislation passed Wednesday by the Michigan House.

    The bill allows health care workers to refuse service to anyone on
    moral, ethical or religious grounds.

    The Republican dominated House passed the measure as dozens of
    Catholics looked on from the gallery. The Michigan Catholic Conference,
    which pushed for the bills, hosted a legislative day for Catholics on
    Wednesday at the state Capitol.

    The bills now go the Senate, which also is controlled by Republicans.

    The Conscientious Objector Policy Act would allow health care providers
    to assert their objection within 24 hours of when they receive notice
    of a patient or procedure with which they don't agree. However, it
    would prohibit emergency treatment to be refused.

    Three other three bills that could affect LGBT health care were also
    passed by the House Wednesday which would exempt a health insurer or
    health facility from providing or covering a health care procedure that
    violated ethical, moral or religious principles reflected in their
    bylaws or mission statement.

    Opponents of the bills said they're worried they would allow providers
    to refuse service for any reason. For example, they said an emergency
    medical technicians could refuse to answer a call from the residence of
    gay couple because they don't approve of homosexuality.

    Rep. Chris Kolb (D-Ann Arbor) the first openly gay legislator in
    Michigan, pointed out that while the legislation prohibits racial
    discrimination by health care providers, it doesn't ban discrimination
    based on a person's sexual orientation.

    "Are you telling me that a health care provider can deny me medical
    treatment because of my sexual orientation? I hope not," he said.

    "I think it's a terrible slippery slope upon which we embark," said
    Rep. Jack Minore (D-Flint) before voting against the bill.

    Paul A. Long, vice president for public policy for the Michigan
    Catholic Conference, said the bills promote the constitutional right to
    religious freedom.

    "Individual and institutional health care providers can and should
    maintain their mission and their services without compromising
    faith-based teaching," he said in a written statement.
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    :rant2: Thats ridiculous that they can even do that!
  3. Team503

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    No kiddin'.
  4. Ferron

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    I have faith that this will be shot down in any Supreme Court and the proponents of this bill, shot in the face and refused medical treatment on moral objection to treating fuckin' idiots.
  5. Taylor

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    It violates the hippocratic oath and is total bullshit. Doctors have to treat patients regardless of who they are.
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    I wanna see someone refuse treatman of a black woman. And then say it's because he thought she was a muslim.

    If it were a private practice, I'd have no problem with what they do. But if these people are under health insurance being sent there... not a fucking chance.
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    Maryland ; the land of Mary's...
    ...I knew that this was gonna happen. Once Pharmacist got the right to refuse to give fill prescriptions based on moral and religious beliefs, this seemed the natural progression for Bible thumpers, homophobes, and bigots.
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    This is truely a disturbing turn of events. They're legalizing the right to discriminate. I can't believe that a governing body whose job is to protect civil liberties is in fact removing them. Is health care not an inalienable right?
  9. Praetor

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    See, that's what happens when you privatize almost every fucking service everyday citizens need. Once you privatize a service or benefit, the person who is holding that possession can establish any rule he wants, whether discriminatory or not.:hs:

    Never vote for a fucking Republican people, EVER.:rl:

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