GUN Microsatellites and global bombing.....

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by magi, Dec 24, 2005.

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    It is now possible to build rather small micro-satellites
    that has a weight under 25 kg.
    Becouse of the low weight they can be launched
    from aeroplanes without the first rocket step.

    This means that any country can launch small missiles from aeroplanes and hit any were in the world and with GPS hit anything in maybe 10 meter with a bomb load of about 20 kg TNT.

    The question is if it is possible to load them with a nuke that has a
    weight under 25 kg?

    Will it be possible to locate launch possition of a small rocket from a aeroplane?

    Regards Magi :hsd:
  2. Fuck airplanes, you should be more conserned about this-

    "Sat Dec 24 2005 12:33:41 ET

    The chief of Russia's strategic forces on Saturday attended the deployment of a new set of state-of-the art intercontinental ballistic missiles, boasting of their capability to penetrate any prospective missile defense, news reports said.

    Col. Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov, chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, took part in a ceremony that marked the commissioning of the latest set of Topol-M missiles at a missile base in Tatishchevo in the Volga River's Saratov region.

    Solovtsov said Saturday that the new missile "is capable of penetrating any missile defense system," the RIA Novosti and Interfax news agencies reported.

    Russian officials have called prospective U.S. missile defenses destabilizing and boasted repeatedly that Russia's new missiles could pierce any nation's missile shield.

    The Topol-M missiles, capable of hitting targets more than 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) away, have so far been deployed in silos. The mobile version, mounted on a heavy off-road vehicle, is to enter combat service next year, Solovtsov said.

    The deployed Topol-Ms have been fitted with single nuclear warheads, but officials have considered plans to equip each missile with three individually targeted warheads.

    Developing... "
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    Dunno how detectible they would be, what makes ICBM's detectible is the large heat signature given off as they launch.. As far as putting a nuke one sure its possible to do I'm sure the U.S. has made small size nukes, russians made small man portable ones to be used by Spetsnaz teams.
  4. In the 50s we had a portable nuclear projectile that was fired out of a cannon. We currently have portable nukes with 100x times they advancement of that particular weapon. With the right technology you can split an atom in container the size of a handgrenade if not something smaller.

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