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    I am not a web guru, but I do love networking. I decided that since I was learning Exchange Server and installed my own (which works, unlike the web server) that I might as
    well play with a webserver. I don’t have time to hand write a web site.
    So I bought Front Page 2002 and built a website and uploaded it to my web server. I immediately noticed that I was limited on
    functionality. I insured that I had Front Page Extensions installed
    with IIS so I set out on a mission to figure out why I did not have the forms and hit counters etc… in my page. Oh, I need 2002 extensions.
    So I downloaded them and installed them. Since then I have not had ANY functionality. I have tried every fix known to man and beast.
    I extended to the site as needed and I did a check on it and every time I uninstall/reinstall IIS and FPE I get a different set of problems.
    Sometimes it is permissions in the administration of the extensions. Sometimes it won’t let me even view an admin page cause I don’t have permission.
    Other times I have full permission to everything.

    What permissions does it require and on what???

    If I am authoring this as an Admin who has FC then what is the

    I can configure the server but cannot view the admin page???

    This is crazy!!! I just wanted to see if it was configured correctly.

    Does anyone have any ideas???


    :) :)

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