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    I have a very specific question about how to number pages using microsoft office. To turn in my thesis, I need to have page numbers starting on the actual third page of the document, with no page numbers given on the first three. I put in section breaks, and now it will start new numbers on the third page, but it insists on also numbering the first three. I can't find a FAQ or HELP function that tells me how to do this, probably because it is so specific. THe closet hint I got was to do the section breaks...Do you know of a good website where I could find out how to do this?
    I need to put all my thesis into one word document (before, when I printed it out, I just had separate documents) because I need to transfer it to a PDF file and submit it electonically for it to 'count'.

    Thanks for any help guys, i'm pretty lost on this one and its freaking me out.
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    Grabbed from a quick Google search...

    "You have to create sections. After page 2 you need to insert a section break. Thus page 3 will be the first page of the new section. Scroll to any page after page 2 (basically scroll to the new section). Then go to the Insert ribbon. Click on Page Number and then select format page numbers. Instead of selecting "Continue from previous section" click on "Start at:" and enter 1"

    You can look here too
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