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    I have my car audio setup planned out and alot of it purchased, but I need help with the mids/tweets. I will be using an Eclipse 34230 Amp for the subs, which are 2 12" Cerwin Vega DVC's. For my HU, I have a Kenwood KDC-9017. So I am good to go except for the mids/tweets. I was told that I should get this:


    Should I get another amp in addition to the one I am using for my subs, and if so, what model would you recommend? I am looking for sound quality and loudness as well. This will be used in a G2 Integra so you know. I mainly listen to rock, but every once in a while I may play a rap song or two. If you recommend anything else, please post it as well as where to buy it. I am sure about the subs, caps, amp, and HU, so please don't tell me I need anything different in that regaurd... Thank you so much in advance for your help.
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    MB Quarts are very nice speakers, I currently have a set in my car and I'm pretty happy with the sound quality and how loud they get. Though a lot of people will tell you that the tweets on them are way too bright, so you should have a listen before you commit to buying. Overall, I would say it's a good buy for a pretty decent speaker.

    As for getting another amp, there should be no question about it, you need an amp to power everything, never let your head unit do that. I would recommend the JBL 80.2 or the JBL 180.2, they put out a good amount of quality power and they're pretty affordable($60-80, $120-150 respectively).

    As for where to buy, I would do my shopping at sound domain because they are pretty much authorized dealers(read: warranty) for almost everything they sell. However, they are slightly pricier than most other places. Though they do have this "price match" deal, so just find any site on the internet that sells the same product for less and submit it for price match. Do not worry about what the competitor's requirements are, they will take that into consideration when giving you an adjusted price.

    Hope this all helps.

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