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    Skip to paragraph 2 to get to the point:

    I know I am all kinds of retarded and late on crap on the norm......and this is probably the same case. I recently got a job with the state.....and basically will have a desk job. In addition to the 5 monitors I will be staring at during work, there is also a desktop computer for using a few programs online, as well as for web browsing.

    Anyways, we aren't allowed to load any programs on the PC. We also aren't allowed to bring personal laptops in. On my down time, during night shifts, I am going to need something to keep me going.......so I wanted to run PS on the desktop. Little did my dumbass know, there is a version of CS4 out now that can be run from a thumb drive via USB. Its a smaller version of PS, with just the basics (its 30mb)....but obviously gives you the adversity and mobility to use in situations like mine.

    Just a heads up for the rest of you dumbasses that are like me......probably 2 years late. :mamoru:
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    closer to 6 months late... but yeah, it exists.

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