Migrating active directory (W2k Server)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Slid., Oct 25, 2006.

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    Our file/print server which was running W2k Server failed the other week. We replaced it with a temporary machine and we have our new server here in front of me. What irks me is that every time we've changed servers we've needed to recreate active directory users, groups, permissions, etc. Is there any easy way to migrate these accounts to the new server without painstakingly retyping everything?

    I tried downloading MS's Active Directory Migration Tool (admt2.exe) and all it seems to offer is making a change of a domain name, not actually exporting and importing the AD database.

    We only have 30-35 users on the server and I should quit my whining but really, where's my option to export!
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    When you say it failed, do you mean Windows crashed or the server exploded? How extensive is the failure, in other words? Can you image its drives and load them onto your new server, then run a Windows repair to get the hardware differences sorted out? Or have you lost absolutely everything?

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