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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by phoenixTX, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Just looking for a little input on a camera purchase. I currently have a Fuji S7000 that I picked up used. I'm thinking of getting something newer. I have a friend that has offered me $250 for the S7000, so I was thinking of taking that and another $150-$200 and buying something else. I've been looking at the Canon S3 IS. I've read the reviews, I know it's a good camera (for that price range), but I'm wondering if it will actually be a worthwhile upgrade. Any other cameras that I should be considering in the $400 price range? 5-6mp, options for P&S when I need it and manual controls when I want them, and a nice zoom (10x) are pretty much what I'm looking for. Should I just keep the S7000? There's nothing wrong with it, I guess I'm just looking to buy a new camera with a little more zoom.

    I know this is pretty low-end stuff for alot of you guys, but since I'm in the Jeep crew and gun crew, I already have enough money pits and can't afford to get into anything really nice camera-wise.

    I appreciate any advice :wavey:

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