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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by penisbird, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    fuckign hard ass workout today, legs son

    leg ext. 3setsx15,12,10reps. 50,70,90. it burned
    squat 2x10. 95,115.
    front squat 2x10,8. 95,115.
    leg press 3x 15,8,4. plates on each side= 3,4,4+25.

    streched, legs felt like jello and i couldn't flex them right. stomach crunches 3x 50,50,30.
    wood chops, i think my form is off but 2x10 each side 25lbs

    no squat rack, so i have to bradford press the weight so it sucks.
  2. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    had soup and Gatorade after. eating whey soon.
  3. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    lats and shit

    pullups behind neck x 8 hardest shit ever, i wasnt at 100% for the rest of my lifts, i couldnt do another set of behind the neck no matter what.

    pullups 1 set x 8,6. ss w/ ----v inc. hanging for as long as possible at end and before the last rep or 2
    rear delt raises ss x 10. w/ 15 lb DB's

    lat pulldowns 3 sets 8
    seated row 5 sets x 5-7 1 set w/ lat pulldown bar

    bent over row 2 sets 8-10 reps 40 lb DB

    more hanging

    over all i really think i got to my lats.
  4. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    bent over hanging curls 3 sets of 8 - 20, 25, 30

    preacher DB set of 10 and set of 4 w20, 25

    underhand pullups 3 sets 8

    tri pulldowns 3 sets 8 incresing wight

    dips 3 sets 10 20lb DB on last one.

    some sit ups. and some hangs
  5. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    8 pull-ups off of a tree. it was awesome.
  6. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    i weigh like 146
  7. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    DB fly 4 x 10 - w20,25,30,30
    bench 3 x 8 -w 95, 115, 125
    incline DB bench 3 x 6,10,8. - w 45,30,30 other weights being used
    inclineBB 2 x 15,10. -w bar, 65
    dips 3 x 10,15,10
    over head tri push one arm 2 x 6 15lbs

    calf raises holding a plate in each hand 3x25,25,15
    abs crunches x50,25,20

    i look like a freak my lats and pecs are wider than i am tall lol not rly but i still look like a freak.
  8. elduderino323

    elduderino323 Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
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    Chicago, IL
  9. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    werd nicca

    you should make one too its not hard.
  10. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    but anyways i read in on some shit in the library and im going to try to work in supersets and going for higher weight lower rep shit. im going to try this for a month probably and still be bulking i guess,(eating as much as i can).

    pullups ss with deads. dead 135 x 5 chins 5 dl 185x5 ch behind head 5 Dl 2 plates x 5 chins x 5 dl 275 x .5 and 2plates dl x 1

    DB shrugs 3x12 w 55,65,70

    Db bentovr row 2x8 ,1x4 45,55,65
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  11. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    legs shoulders

    leg etx 4 sets of 6 heavy weight
    leg press. 4x 6 started with 3 plates on each side did 4 5 and 6 too.
    side raises 15lbs 5, 20 lbs 5 then hold 20 lbs for 10 seconds.
    arnold press, 3 x 6 35 mid set was 45 and i got like 2.5 reps.

    did yoga for 15 mins.
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  12. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    bad pic

  13. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    i did a shit load of chest yesterday.

    flat incline decline flys pushups 3 sets of 6-8. it was nice.
  14. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    pullups 3 x 12,8 ,6
    bis and back i forgot it all but i did a lot
  15. fatcow

    fatcow OT Supporter

    Dec 27, 2007
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    worst log ever

  16. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    lol i know, ive only been slacking because its spring break though.:hs:
  17. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    legs and shoulders

    leg ext. 3 x 8 machine weight went up each set
    front squats 3 x 8, w. 95,115,135
    leg press, 3 x 10 3 plates on each side
    hamstring curles 3 x 8 machine weight went up each time.

    arnold press 3 x 8,5,4 w. 35,45,45
    side reaised 3 x 10 weitght 12.5, 15 ,15
    machine pully upright row 3 x 8 then drop set of about 5 at each weight for 6 different weights
    machine side raaise thing with forearms bent 3 x 8
    leg raises
    calfs machine 3 x 15
    seated calf 2 x 15

    not bad all in all worked out with my little bro
  18. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    1-1.5 hours yoga last night, probably more tonight.

    half hour of ping pong
    and i restedand didnt lift today
  19. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    i hr of yoga last night and tonight.

    im probably going to be banned for a bit so ill hit this up when i can.
  20. penisbird

    penisbird Guest

    switching to 4 x 12
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