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    I've been trying more and more to get into the Japanese film scene, and recently I stumbled on some stuff on ebay about this crazy robo-ninja film from the 80's...

    I really can't find ANY screencaps, but I did find some pics of character model kits: [​IMG]


    If anyone knows where I can get a torrent of this, or is willing to host it, please PM me, and maybe I can do you a favor in return.

    IMDB states:

    Plot summary for Mirai Ninja (1988)
    A man's body and soul are stolen and used as part of a demon castle.
    What's left becomes Cyber Ninja. He teams up with the chi students whose cyber-earmuffs show matching red symbols.
    They fill their swords with ammunition, grab some neo-retro-cyber-antique guns and attack the demon robot expendable ninja squad.
    Each fight is won by whichever side uses more gratuitous special effects.
    They slay the Tron-like hover droids, who are destroyed in their shame.
    There's a showdown with a white-armored guy with dreadlocks, who is later reincarnated by the eclipse and a lot of multicolored lightning.
    After killing the make-up wearing effeminate spider person, the chi school fires a giant gun at the demon castle spider cyber robot. It blows up.

    But on a review, I found this to provide more of an uplifting insight:

    "it's good... with original Japanese audio, 21 September 2005
    Author: MnSO2

    Gosh.. I first watched this movie when I was ten and own a bad quality copy of VHS. Fortunately though, it has original Japanese soundtrack. Having not seen the English dubbed version, I am little puzzled by other reviews because overall I thought this was a quite decent film. Although I have to admit that 7/10 rating was somewhat based on nostalgia. In any case, I like the concept of Cyborgs and robots fighting with swords, wearing samurai armors, and knives shooting out from hands. Plus you have to admit that putting ammos into katanas is kind of cool. Not to mention different types of robotic ninjas. There were actually action figures of shiranui(main character) and shouki(badass white ninja)!!"

    "Cheesy special effects, but an intriguing story., 1 November 2003
    Author: Zorknot from United States

    I liked this. Granted, the Godzilla-like sfx are laughable at times...but I kind of like that part about it too. Regardless of what a previous review has said, this IS a little like Star Wars. The original three movies especially. However it is also like Godzilla, Krull, Tron,Dune and any number of science fiction movies made in the eighties. you have your laser blasts, your enemies wearing strange costumes, your princess that needs saving etc. What's cool about this movie is that it's from Japan and so its ALSO like anime and you have all these shinto symbols and what not. The first scene of the movie looks an awful lot like the movie Ran, (the samurai version of King Lear)and if you take away the scifi elements its stylistically extremely similar. In fact, one of the actors worked in both movies!

    Anyway, maybe this movie isn't for everybody, but if you like Godzilla movies, or eighties scifi, or if you've ever enjoyed an episode of mystery science theater 3000, you'll probably like this movie."

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