Missing DLL on startup, Help please

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by gjames6969, Apr 27, 2005.

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    Hi, okay, first I'll explain the situation, and then I'll give my system specs.

    Okay, I have mozilla, and I only use that now because my IE is so infected with spyware and crap, I've tried several ways of getting rid of it, but it was just overpowering. So what I did, I wanted to just remove it all together and reinstall it. I went to add/remove programs and selected: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.1 SP1. I clicked 'change remove.'

    Oddly, it had 3 options, none of them being removed, the one wasn't a possible a choice, I don't remember what is is though. The other asked 'repair internet explorer,' and the other said something along the lines of reinstall or something.

    I clicked the last option, to remove then reinstall. It removed itself completely, then reinstalled it'self comepletely. It says I must restart my computer for it to take effect and to close all programs etc.

    I restart my computer and after going through the loading prompt for XP Home Editition it flickers once or twice, and then says this exactly, "The procedure entry point AssocIsDangerous could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll." And then the title of that little window is called, "winlogon.exe - Entry Point Not Found."

    I've tried booting through safe mode and etc. I cannot seem to find the boot disc either..

    This is my problem! HELP

    (I am posting this via another computer at my house if you were wondering)

    I have a VPR matrix from 2002 I believe. Windows XP Home Edition, 1.6 gig processor, 512 RAM, if more info is needed please say.

    And if you cannot figure out what I can do that will let me keep my files etc could you suggest another forum which might be able to help me?

    Thanks again.
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    You'll need to create Windows XP setup disks if you don't have an XP CD. If your drive is NTFS you'll need those disks, otherwise a Win98 bootdisk would probably work.


    Then follow these directions:

    Couple sites with info:

    If the files aren't on the computer as it describes, and you don't have the XP CD, and the other computer is the same OS and SP as the broken one, you could burn a CD with those files on the second computer and use it with the floppies on the broken one.
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    First things first, just switching browsers when you have spyware will not fix anything. You must remove it from the machine or you're bound to have problems down the road. There are tons of threads in this forum relating to removing spyware even with links and recommendations to good programs to use.

    Second, IE is pretty tightly integrated with Windows weather anyone likes it or not. I do not believe you can completely un-install IE or without any problems as you have seen.

    I would format the machine and start all over. To me 9 times out of 10 that's easier than trying to fix it. That way, your machine will be clean and you can use whatever browser you want on a spyware-free machine :big grin:


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