Mmm Bugs r Yummy *New Bike, New Rider, RLaP series helps a ton*

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    This might get a little long but its my PS intro

    HI I'm Jon, aka bucket, 23 years old... and a new Road Rider (Dirt has been my game in the past).

    Mostly an FS, AnP person but like to read the dribble in OT.... NOW I'm in PS&M.

    I've always been around bikes from childhood and I've always wanted to ride just haven't been able to buy myself a bike to do so, and my dad has 2 goldwings and is ALWAYS out riding, i get a little sad when they go to Biketoberfest, Bike week and all and I'm stuck not able to go unless i take one of the vehicles (not as much fun).

    In October my dad started working on this shadow 700 that I thought was for a friend of ours, he WAS looking for a bike to have my dad rebuild so I thought nothing of it.... Christmas time rolls around and my last gift was the KEY to that shadow.

    It's an 86, 700cc mostly stock, painted ford metallic teal and Ford Mocha Frost with black stripes, 1200cc Goldwing Jets in the carbs (It lets you know it too when you roll it hard. :naughty: )

    I've never been on a REAL street bike on my own until New Years Eve 07, couldn't ride the shadow until then, the KREME inside the tank needed to harden.... I had always been on dirt bikes and there is a HUGE difference in how they handle and feel IMO. So since NYE, I've been riding the bike about 10 miles a night in the neighborhood, first I got the feel for everything then started the fun stuff, cone/obstacle weaves low and high speed (2-5mph and 15-25mph).

    Yesterday I spent ALL day on the bike from around 1pm - 6:30pm doing u turns, tight circles and so on....

    Also yesterday I was riding on a long stretch of the neighborhood and just having a blast opened my mouth in a circular shape to cough and sho' nuff BZZ Bug down the throat... :barf:

    Guess I gotta get used to that :rofl:

    I wont be able to take the MSF course until the ending of January after the other bills go through :o can't even take the bike out of the neighborhood yet, doesn't have plates, or my permit for the bike (free paper that gives you X amount of days to get the endorsement)

    HOWEVER lots of learning can be done in that time, for those of you that have never seen the videos I HIGHLY suggest the "ride like a pro" series by "Jerry "Motorman" Palladino"... Not sure how much of his stuff applies to sport bike riders but I do know it helps others learn how to do a lot of stuff whether you've taken the MSF course or not.

    Most people that Iknow that have been riding for 10-20-30 years or longer, can't do a simple uturn on a neighborhood street without doing at least 3 points.

    I started off yesterday having to do a 3 point Uturn on a 2 lane road, by the end of the day I can almost scrape a circle in the pavement with my lowest peg and it feels perfectly natural at full lock.

    Watch them, learn them, love them! is my opinion (the motorman vids) :)

    I'm really loving this little shadow, its about the perfect size for my fat ass to learn on and get comfortable with and have for a fun town bike then upgrade to one of my dads big bikes for long haul rides.

    Here's the bike


    :wavey: to all the bike riders!
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    RLaP is what I consider the next level after the MSF (but as you found out, you don't need MSF first to practice the skills from RLP) and recommend it to ANY rider no matter how experienced they are. It's basically advanced handling that is taught by police departments and everyone can benefit.

    Sweet bike btw, I owned an old Honda Shadow 700 in college and it never let me down.
    there's the link for anyone else interested.
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