mobo problems..... I think ***emergency help***

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by biomechanoid, Mar 12, 2003.

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    Here's what's happening:

    I turn the computer on... it boots normally, windows XP load screen comes up, then the blue bordered "windows XP" splash screen. the mouse cursor loads up, USB mouse begins to work... then the arrow/timer cursor appears... then my computer restarts. Only this time it doesn't detect any IDE devices.... after powering down... I can start it up but the same thing happens. if I turn the power off from the powerstrip, it will be 5-10 minutes before I am able to turn it back son

    Maxtor 30 gig 7200 RPM HD
    EPIA Mini-ITX with a 900mhz celeron

    help please!
  2. biomechanoid

    biomechanoid Guest


    tried reseating everything, tried plugging in one thing at a time, tried all the various modes (safe, VGA, last known good config, etc. )

    still kjd same thing.

    this all began after I triped on the power cable and unplugged it
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    How bout just leave it in DOS. If you leave it in DOS and it works, then your OS is having issues with the MOBO. And by the sounds of it, that's exactly what is happening so you may not be able to test whether it's the OS unless you have a psare drive around and install onto itl
  4. biomechanoid

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    :wtc: I'll see about borrowing a HD.

    nut it was working fine for about 5 days, and I haven't changed anything (besides location of the server) since I frist brought it online

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