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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by F=ma, Jan 20, 2002.

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    Hey all, I have a modded PSX, and played a ton of "backups" on it, I know there's one out for the PS2, but you have to do something finnicky with it, right? like compress textures and make stereo sound mono... =/

    I was wondering if the Gamecube had such a device. I know there's something that will let you play Japanese Gamecube games. That sounds a LOT like a mod chip but, the Gamecube games are not standard size. Which is a good thing and a bad thing IMO.

    Bad thing is that you'll prolly have trouble finding those 3" CD-R's and fitting all of the info on them, since that's the only thing that fits in a Gamecube. Good thing is that if you get your hands on the rare Japanese only Panasonic Q, that plays DVD's (which is larger, since it has to accomodate full size CD's and DVD's) Then you have a whole CD-R to work with to fit only a 3" DVD's worth of information onto. Does anyone out there catch my drift?

    And before someone harasses me.

    Let me translate that for you:

    Giving out


    isn't allowed.

    "Giving out warez isn't allowed"

    I'm not giving out warez, so get off my back.
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    Lemme break it down for ya like so:

    Yes, you can play Japanese games on the GC with a slight modification... otherwise, there is no mod chip for it whatsoever and probably won't be for a looooooong time....

    those 3" CD-R's won't work with a GC due to the disc's being read inside out whereas the GC reads outside In... not to mention the multiple encryption methods the discs have for the gamecube...

    the 3" DVDs used for gamecubes are 1.5gb... good luck fitting that on one CD-R :big grin:

    the PGC still reads the games backwards... so any way you look at it... you're basically not going to be able to pirate games...

    Personally I think the GC media is great for the gaming industry... especially since they can do more than 2 layers and multile sides
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    how much is a mod chip for psx i need to back up my games in case they get scratched
  4. Actually the 3" CD-Rs are not hard to find, I have seen them at Best Buy the other day. The only problem is the amount of room on the discs and of course the fact that they are not read the same way.
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    I can play Japanese games on my US Dreamcast without any mods. :bigthumb:

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