SRS Moms really pissed @ me! This is not a good day for me

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JakobwithaK, Oct 22, 2005.

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    I dont know if its my fault, or what, how much blame I should take. Shes pissed about only getting a 50% refund on my tuition from last semester right after I had registered for my 2nd year in this college course. 50% is the school policy, however I wasnt told this at the time. I looked into this, but my chances are pretty much shot. I dropped out after a day into my 2nd year, because I just couldnt take it anymore. The first year was bad enough, and frankly quite surprised I came out alive (barely). I never wanted to go back for my 2nd year, but they demanded for me to. I even spent the entire summer with counselling trying to change my attitude and tough it out for another year.

    I did everything in my power, trying to make this work, being able to drag it out for a full year is proof of it. But it was just depressing me, doing something I didnt like, didnt enjoy and frankly was making my life miserable. I couldnt be myself because I was so disinterested. People didnt even see the real side of me. I just had far too many obstacles to overcome. Nothing was going right. everything bad you could possibly think of, did happen.

    I even saw counsellors throughout the year to try to stay positive and make it work. But I just couldnt pull it out for another year. So I dropped out and am now enrolled in another college (with only a months layoff in between from when I dropped out of the other college), taking another course which Im enjoying much more. Im happy, the people around me are great and Im loving it. I dont like when im being forced to take something I dont enjoy. Parents knew that I didnt like it, infact knew I wasnt happy and it was depressing me (but not sure if they knew how serious my state was). They just wanted me to go to get the diploma fast and get it over with. we see education so differently, I mean why take something and waste your time and even more $ on a course you will not engage into further practices nor do you enjoy it. I was in this case, very much so but they demanded I finished, demanded, demanded, demanded...and honestly last year I just wanted to die, because it was so depressing and making my life miserable. I was being forced to do something I didnt want to do, and no matter how much I talked to them on different occasions they just didnt get where I was coming from.

    My sisters understood me though. I have 3 older sisters, and they dont understand either why the parents just cant understand.

    SHES REALLY PISSED RIGHT NOW. Need some cheering up.:(
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    They don't get it, but they will get over it. maintain good grades, in due time they will come around.

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