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    Looking to buy a monitor. I want the a good quality. Any suggestions? (Brand, price, screen resolution, etc..)What constitutes a high quality monitor. Any help you could give would be good, thanks.
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    ok did some research, seems that pixels and dot pitch are the 2 common measurements of quality? I now know the difference btwn LCD and CRT, but still unsure if LCD has high resolutions. If I understand right LCD blocks out light, and laptops use LCD screens, and from certain angles it is hard to see the screen, is this true for a desktop monitor also. Also, does anybody know what a medium quality monitor should cost?
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    Well, there's a lot of missing information here. Not your fault, but here's some basic questions:

    What are you going to be using the computer for?
    What size do you want?
    How "small" do you like your text and graphics?

    Here's a quick overview: LCD's are great for reading and writing text, surfing the net, and general computer use. They are easy to read because you are looking at an actual image that is backlit, instead of a projected image. If you are into games AT ALL...specifically first person shooters, or games that have a lot of movement, LCD's are not very good. CRT's excel in gaming performance and graphic quality, but typically arn't as good for reading.

    Note: With LCD's, the pixel's on the screen die from time to time. They all will have dead pixels, and depending on the manufacturers warrenty, you may or may not be able to return the monitor to have it fixed. Example: If you have 10 dead pixels on the screen(not uncommon), brand A may require you have 15 dead pixels to do an RMA, and brand B may only require 5.

    Last I knew, Samsung and NEC/Mitsubishi had some of the best LCD and CRT monitors on the market. I personally have a 19" Viewsonic which I have NO problems with. We just bought a Samsung 955df this past weekend and it is VERY VERY nice.

    CRT 19" monitors go for around $150-$250 for a decent monitor. LCD 17"(about the same size as 19") go for 2x that usually.

    That help any?
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    Thanks so much....from what you have said i dont want lcd. heres some more info about what I want. Right now I have a compaq mv940. 19" it has a 1024x768 resolution and .28 dotpitch. I want something very similar or another of that same model, but I don't want to pay more that $300 if this is even possible. I have a mac and use it for music producing. I am very happy with this monitor's arity, and I want another with this quality.

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