More durable pads?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by SoySauciAl, Sep 10, 2006.

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    I do a lot of buffing because i work for different dealerships around here and right now im using the meguiar pads.. they work pretty good but it doesnt seem to last all that long.. maybe a week. the velcro unsticks to the pad or/and the pad breaks apart. and that hole in the middle of the velcro screws up my backing plate because foam will get stuck onto the velcro plate. im looking for something more durable.. or maybe im putting too much pressure on it? any suggestions? im even thinking of just getting a wool pad for the pc since the velcro is stitched in and not glued like with the foam pads.
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    Meguiars pad do not last long...well the adhesive doesn't. Backplates failed me alot too. That's why I switched to the EDGE 2000 system.
    I have had no issues with my 4 month old pads.
  3. SoySauciAl

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    yea.. i was thinking about that.. but its just not that, the pad gets all soft and brittle and little pieces come off. what would you reglue them with?
  4. SoySauciAl

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    does those get soft and brittle like meguiars or they stay pretty solid? also is the yellow one as aggressive as the meguiar red pads?
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    I haven't had a problem with Meguiars pads in a long time, you may have gotten hold of an old batch of pads. Meguiars changed their glue about 18 months or so ago and the improvement was incredible.

    I've also had great results with Propel and Lake Country pads.

    Just FYI, running cutting pads with the PC on 6 does reduce their effective lifespan, pads tend to last longer with a rotary because it just spins instead of spinning and oscillating. Usually if you don't go above 5 the pads will last a real long time with the PC.

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