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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by JohnBasedow, Oct 27, 2002.

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    its thirteen days coming
    the last 3rd melts down
    leaves blow at my feet
    and gather on the street

    scarred lifelines crumple
    rusted out out from the breeze
    breathed sigh yesterday
    turtlebacking a runt with seeds

    leaves only fall
    but once in New England orchards
    and distant praries from the great resevoir
    even squirrels harvest the nuts

    foreman says hustle up
    riders from the gorge are moving
    those envoys of the grey dust
    return the whispering chimney in the valley
    (and justle the log)

    return local, and return to our shrines
    the apple doesnt fall away from the tree
    the pharaohs architect scribed
    to build it block by block

    double lima bean move on
    theres earth wind and fire
    to embed your love deep
    and start toward infinity...

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