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    Current setup

    07 FXT
    HKS DP/SPT catback
    Blouch TD05-18G 8cm Internally gated
    APS 65mm cai

    Coming up in about a month. Waiting on the parts to all arive

    Blouch TD05-20G 8cm
    TurboXS EWG up pipe/dump tube
    Tial 44mm EWG
    Gimmik turbo inlet
    Gimmik MAF hose
    SMC alcohol injection
    (same intake, same everything else)


    I upgraded from a TD05-16G 7cm to the 18G. Im thinking this next upgrade will be bigger than the 16 to the 18 jump by a good margin.
    Im not going to take things any further though, as the stock FXT tranny can handle a lot of power, but I dont want to push my luck with the motor or tranny. I figure how efficient this new setup is, I will be able to run like 17PSI with not a prayer in hell of det, nice and cool air charge, but still great power. Im thinking same power at 17 as I have at 20PSI now, but a good margin safer since I will be so far below the threshold (although I am only running 17 as of today since the 18 is going up for sale)

    Of course there will be a higher boost map for other times[​IMG]

    I figure I should take it somewhat easy, a clutch cant be far off at this point. I need to make the stock clutch last a year if at all possible I figure if I dont beat the bag out of it, it should hold for 12-15k anyway. Thats long enough.
    The tranny should hold up fine, as even though its the same gearbox as the WRX, it has a MUCH better final drive ratio (wrx has 3.9, the FXT has 4.44) which makes the tranny hold up to a lot more power. Although I will definately be close, but no closer than an 06-07 WRX on a 16G and alch.

    Here are some pics and a semi updated mod list in case anyone was wondering. I painted the calipers red since these were taken. I was nervous that it would look gay so I had black spray paint ready to go lol. It looks good though. I am happy with the red.


    This is coming out for an SMC kit.
    This is the 18G that is coming out, next to the stock turbo.

    Mod list to date (lets see if I can remember it all)
    Tein Flex oilcovers (grap on my parnets tired)
    Whiteline 24mm adjustable sways f+r
    Whiteline heavy duty rear swaybar mounts
    SPT Front strut tower brace
    STi lower arm bar (lower front chassis brace)
    Whiteline quick release rear strut tower bar
    Whiteline rear subframe lock bolts
    Whiteline steering rack bushings
    (not installed yet) Poltec rear endlinks (boxed links)
    04 WRX steering rack
    Rota Tarmac II 17x7.5 wheels
    Goodyear Eagle F1 DS 235/50/17 tires (HUGE handling upgrade from the geolanders)

    TurboXS UTEC Delta
    TurboXS Tuner wideband
    STi TMIC
    (not mounted now, doesnt fit)SPT turbo heatshield (over the stock heatsheild)
    APS 65mm CAI
    HKS Downpipe wrapped
    SPT catback extended to fit
    Ported/polished WRX exh manifold (fxt manifold is smaller internally)
    Ported/polished throttlebody I also knife edged the lip
    Ported/polished TMIC elbows
    Blouch TD05-18G 8cm
    (not installed, coming out, just sold it) Coolingmist varicool trunkmount alky injection
    (not here yet, should ship this week) SMC trunk mount alcohol injection kit.

    Visual mods
    Tint 20% everywhere but the front doors, 35% on front doors
    JDM FSTi front lip, with the oem rubber skirting
    STi badging/decals (yes I know. I dont want to hear it )
    LL Bean roof spoiler. (comes standard on 08s now)
    Bugeye STI hood scoop. With correct Fsti splitter

    Alpine HU (forget model number, its badass though)
    Zapco Reference 350.2 amp for front doors
    Zapco Reference 350.2 for sub
    MB Quart RUA inverted magnet 6.5 front components
    Dynamatted doors
    Boston Acoustics 12" competition series sub in sealed box
    Autometer Ultra-lite boost gauge (yuck)
    TurboXS tuner under the head unit
    Factory Short Shifter

    I also have a set of Goodridge stainless brake lines sitting waiting to be installed. I just need to bribe a buddy to pump the brake pedal for me.

    The car pulls VERY hard and outhandles an STi by a longshot, there is not even a hint of understeer (or oversteer :( ). Steering response with the WRX rack is decidedly un-forester like. It rides very well, which is suprising given the huge spring rates (huge to me anyway) which are 9k front 7k rear. Not bouncy and smooth as butter on the highway. The stereo sounds great, and its comfy.

    Future plans
    Gimmik motorsports turbo inlet hose/Maf hose (red)
    Cobb lightened crank pulley
    Optima red top (or yellow top?)
    08 FXT tails, the blacked ones
    this part Im not 100% on yet (below)
    06 WRX front calipers on Powerslot+ big brake kit rotors
    STock FXT rear calipers on powerslot+ big brake kit rotors
    Legacy GT brakes all around.
    06 WRX front calipers and Legacy H6 rear rotors.
    More chassis bracing. Its really seems to be helping it out, all of them were added one at a time, and the difference was definately noticeable, unlike on my WRX and STi, where it seemed like a complete waste of time.
    Kartboy short shifter lever to go into the factory short shifter
    Kartboy shifter bushings (inluding the rear one)
    Poltec front endlinks
    May be have rev labs do me up a 12.5 rack. Maybe STi rack. Not sure yet.
    Double Din pioneer head unit (not sure of the model, its the badass one with nav and the performance meters)
    Dynamat the living hell out of it. I want it mercedes quiet in there.
    Im planning to do an MB Quart sub, possibly mounted in the side where the factory sub goes, in a custom enclosure, as that big box sucks. I may add some MB Quart 5 1/4 midbass drivers in the rear door with a Zapco 200.2 powering them.
    I am going to look into doing an STI steering wheel, I need to make sure the airbags are compatable, same with STi seats, I need to make sure the airbags are compatable.
    I am THINKING about baking the headlights to black them out.
    I am going to do wheels that look almost identical, but in 18". They just look better, although I am afraid of what it will do to the ride quality, I may stick with the 17s because of that. I have to do 18s if I want to do the powerslot+ bbk.

    I think thats about it. If I missed anything, oh well. Maybe I will edit it later.
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    I've always loved those XT's!! I like the older bodystyle better, but yours still looks amazing. Definitely my top choice of small SUVs. I couldn't believe how fast they were when they were first released.
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    The hood scoop and rear diffuser look silly as hell, but the hardware is good.

    Take off the diffuser and install a front-mount intercooler so you can have a normal hood.
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    That is the normal hood. The FXT comes with a hood scoop. Thats just the STI version, which is a touch taller. The FSTi comes with that exact hood and scoop.
    And there is no place good to put a FMIC or I would have one there already. Plenty of room behind the bumper, but I dont want to chop a big hole in the bumper for air to get in there. Once my company makes some more money I am thinking of doing a custom FMIC that is angled down a bit with a scoop and ducting undernieth the nose.

    And the lip is functional (subaru designed it in a wind tunnel, yes, it works below 100mph) and will get me another MPH or two at the texas mile :) (8.4% cd reduction, at 150+mph that will def help. Also a 118% reduction in front end lift)
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    Wet Wales
    lol that is ugly as hell.

    I like it :)
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    That's its best attribute isnt it?:rofl:

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