A&P Moscow for 3 weeks - what supplies should I take?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Astro, Feb 5, 2009.

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    My biggest concern is keeping power to my camera. I have a D80 (a D700 would be nice but I doubt my wallet could pull it off). I know I need some backup batteries. Would a grip be worth it? I like the idea if I'm in a jam, I could toss some AAs in it. I'm just not sure I want to be carrying the extra bulk and weight that goes with it.

    I think for this trip I'm going to have to break down and get an AC converter so I can bring the Nikon charger with me. We will be 2 hours by train outside of downtown Moscow. I'm sure if we went downtown I could find a Russian flavored battery charger.

    Any thoughts or recommendations for power for the long haul? If I can get an AC converter, this will likely reduce my battery needs to a total of 2 (unless you guys think otherwise).

    I think I worked out the memory requirements I will have. I went in '07 for 2 weeks with a Canon A630. I shot about 1023 shots on it and 148 on film (Nikon N80). With quite a bit of rounding, I figure I could shoot 1700 shots (going to the Moscow airshow and I get trigger happy at those). Looks like 3 8gb cards should get the job done. How does that sound?

    Since I'm here, anyone recommend a light and inexpensive carrying bag that would hold the camera and maybe a telephoto lens? Something to walk around with for 8 hours.
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    look on the back of your battery charger. if it says 110/220v, then all you need is an adapter - not a converter.

    converters are only needed for items that aren't switchable from 110v (US) to 220v (foreign) electric currents.

    i travel quite a bit, and have never needed a converter - the wife needed one for a curling iron once, but that's it. my canon battery charger, laptop power supply, and pretty much everything else I bring all work on 110/220
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    ace3 is right, you need a converter for the d80 charger. i've taken mine to asia, and i just needed an adapter.

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