SRS Most of my friends are leaving for college and I'm feeling really emo

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by nicklol, Aug 17, 2006.

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    College was a lot of fun for all the crazyness and drinking and hook ups. The people at my college seemed superficial and fake, it bothered me a little bit but they were still fun to go out with. It was an interesting summer after the first year of college. People came back home and it was interesting to see who changed, who's the same, who got fat, or who got pregnant. Had a lot of fun with my high school friends even though I wished we did more than house parties and getting drunk but still fun. This summer made me feel appreciative of my old friends.

    I still have after Labor Day weekend when I start class but my friends are already leaving or have left to go back to school. It hit me when I called up a few people and they said they couldn't hang out because they're going to spend their last night at home with their family. That's cool, it's what I do too. I would hang out with my friends almost every day and then suddenly I call them up and they can't. It's making me feel depressed but it's a lame reason to because I can drive and visit some of them or wait till Thanksgiving for them to come back.

    Is what I'm feeling not right or something..?
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    You can't hold onto people in your life, thats important, you can only love them. Its a natural process that people come and go into your life, you can meet new people in the places where you are going to go.

    What's important is what happens in your heart. You see if your friends leave you, you might feel like closing yourself to everything and everyone so you won't experience the hurt of losing friends. However this only ends up in even more lonelyness, its better to withstand the pain and keep yourself open to new experiences. But its something you do when you are ready for it.

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