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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Argyle, Jun 11, 2002.

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    Crown Audio, the world's leading maker of commercial and live concert amplifiers, was acquired by Harman International in March 2000. You're asking, what has this got to do with car audio? Nothing unless you like concert level audio for your car. JBL Mobile and Crown have joined forces to deliver the world's most powerful car audio amplifier. The first model to hit the market is rated to deliver over 6000 watts RMS, and utilizes a new patented amplifier technology to ensure clean and efficient power delivery. What woofer can handle all this power? We are aware of one series of subwoofers, our very own GTi. Could this be the combination to break the world SPL record? Stay Tuned! The A6000GTi will ship this summer. If you would like to be contacted once this amplifier is available, send us your e-mail address below.

    JBL will be awarding several sponsorships to established pro and expert SPL competitors. If you are currently competing in one of these classes, please provide us with some of your stats and current system configuration. Who knows, you could be the competitor to break the world SPL record.

    you think this will become the new weapon of choice for SPL competitors?
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    No I dont think it will because from what I understand it is very pricey and a couple of Modded Earthquake d2s will put out that power for like 600 bucks. It's not the most powerful amp, Harrison Labs made the 20,000 watt drag queen (banned from competition and they only made 3), and now they make an amp that is 9600x1. Um I believe USAmps may have an amp that is somewhere in that power range. But the bottom line is, whatever they want for that amp, I think you can probably match the power for a lot less.
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    By the way, I dont think we will be seeing JBL break any records. DD had the record for a little while, but then Kicker nabbed it back with a 178.2 from 11 10s.
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    oh ya. i definitely know their subs wont be breaking any records but i wasn't sure if SPL people will start using this amp instead of multiple ones.
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    Nah, I hear that amp is clean and clean isn't real important when it comes to spl. I think price will be the deciding factor. I'm guessing that amp is at least a grand, and you can pick up 3 d2s for that, or get a deal and get 3 1000ds, there are just so many other options, but I'm sure I'll run into someone using them. It's like the MTX RFL, it's really pricey, so there aren't as many people using them because they can match and beat the performance of an RFL using other products for much less.
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    The problem with matching the power with less money but more amps lies in dbdrag rules. I'm not a hick, so I don't compete dbdrag, so i'm only vaguely familiar with the rules, but I know that with the stock 1-2 class, only 1 amplifier may be used. Now you can get your modded d2 for a helluva lot cheaper, but your competition has 3 times the power that you CAN"T get from 1 d2. Basically this surpasses Zapco's montrous amp, a 4000w beast with a disgusting price tag. Only a few in production, most likely how the crown/jbl amp will be. But if people are willing to drop 10's of thousands of dollars into an spl machine, what's 3k on an amp that will give a HUGE advantage. The Harrison Labs amp wasn't allowed because it wasn't a 12v DC amp.
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    That thing looks super ill :)
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    I think it will be a good amp. It looks cool, and lets face it, looks sell in car audio. It is probably also a bit smaller than 3 Earthquake PHD2's, so if space is a concern, this amp might be good. It was designed by Crown, and we all know how good Crown's pro audio stuff is! :bigthumb: But yes, it probably will be rather expensive, but if you were using say a single DD 9515 for instance, it would be easier to use this single amp than three PHD2's, which is of course impossible anyways, unless DD makes a triple VC driver. Either way, this amp will probably draw close to 600 amps at full power. If its a Class A/B design, which I doubt, it would probably pull 750 amps or more! You had better be prepared for a nice, big, new alternator and a few more batteries to power the beast.
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    DD does make a Tri VC. And people Use 4 amps on DD subs all the time. Hell Nathan Munson just did a 170.8 with 1 DD 9515 and 4 Directed 1100ds. And recently he did a 169.8 with 1 9510 and 2 of those Viper 2500s.
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    Well now I know. :big grin: Still, Im sure when the JBL amp comes out that it will be pretty cool. I assume it will be legal for all SPL competitions?

    Also, that is amazing what Nathan Munson can do! As far as I am concerned he is one of the true innovators of his time! I mean, who else before him hit a 170dB legal with ONE woofer? Now hes doing it with a freakin 10"!!!!! That is awesome. Whats next, using an 8" sub!!! Im sure some people on this board would be impressed with its SOUND QUALITY, they would probably believe that it would have better sound than the sloppy 15"s! :rofl:

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