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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by krazywulph, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Because I wasn't sure of the proper forum to post this, I decided to post here because I just need some good advice, and this is one of the only forums on OT that won't flame.

    I'm in my second semester at college and I'm enjoying college life so much, especially the social life.

    I've always been lazy when it came to school work, but I always managed to get it done and do well, without really having to do much work.

    Now that I'm on my own at school I find it very hard to force myself to do work in advance. I find myself writing papers and cramming the night before an exam or due date. I also find that sometimes going to class is a burden for me. I tend not to go to big lectures often (the material is posted online and I usually learn it before a test) and I'll miss smaller classes just because I don't feel like going sometimes, but not too often.

    To give you some more background of my life here, I do have a lot of distracions and a lot to think about. Firstly, I'm in a fraternity which takes up a good portion of my life. I drink alchohol on weekends, never during the week, although I'm a heavy marijuana smoker. Although I do smoke a lot of pot (multiple times a day), I know I am able to stop when I want to. For instance, today I decided not to smoke and rejected a few offers to smoke. In addition to this, I have a shaky relationship with a girl who it's sometimes hard to decide how much I like. I think about her a lot, especially lately since there have been a couple significant bumps in the road recently.

    OT, I'd be interested to know what I need to do to step up academically. It's not like I don't have the time to work in advance, I just don't do it. What'd you all recommend?

    Thanks so much,

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    good points. There's no way I'm going to quit smoking pot for good, it's a part of my life. I will try and soak up my bordem time with doing some work, thanks for the advice man.
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    Smoking weed sucks up a lot of time. In my opinion it's really a waste of time after you are done with your initial fun stages. It also leads you in a cloud that alters your perspective until you've quit for at least a few days. Quitting for a few days can make you realize you are currently giving up on lost dreams ... it'd definitely be worth it to stop for a while.

    That put aside, it may just be school. I cleaned up a year and a half before finishing school, and still had trouble with motivation, throughout the time that I was clean. Now I'm in the working world and it's really much easier. I suggest you figure out where your priorities are at, grind through and finish. Once you get a job life may seem to fall into place easier, however the chances of that happening may be greatly lessened if you continue to hold on to your emotional attachment smoking weed.

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