GUN Mountain lion crashes through window of Townsend home

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    Mountain lion crashes through window of Townsend home
    By LARRY KLINE - Independent Record - 08/09/08
    A Townsend man briefly shared his basement with a young mountain lion Thursday morning, after the animal launched itself through a window, past him and onto the floor.

    “That window exploded. All of the sudden I had glass, I had curtain, I had lion coming over my head,” Scott Vine said. It brushed his rifle, knocking him to the side. If the lion had come in a second later, it could have hit his head. A few seconds earlier, it would have had him trapped, he said.

    Vine ran up the stairs, and the female sub-adult cat ran to the corner of the dark basement. The lion tore apart the room for 20 minutes or so, knocking items from shelves and clawing at the walls, before two men went into the room and killed it.

    It was, as Vine said, “a little excitement to start the morning,” for him, his wife and two stepchildren, ages 14 and 20, who were all home at the time. They live northeast of Townsend, about halfway between town and the Helena National Forest boundary on South Fork Ray Creek Road.

    A warden for the state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks said the killing was a legal defense of private property, so Vine and his family only need to worry about cleaning up the mess. Vine said he wasn’t sure of the extent of the damage. Warden Rusty Ruchert said the animal weighed between 60 and 70 pounds.

    The incident began shortly after 6:30 a.m. Thursday, after the 45-year-old ranch worker’s alarm went off.

    “My dogs started raising hell. I looked out the window and there was a lion” crossing an open field toward his house, Vine said. While he went to the basement to look for a gun, his wife watched the animal approach one of the couple’s dogs.

    “The lion just walked toward our house, just nonchalant, growling at the dog,” Vine said. Another dog moved behind the cat, and the lion came closer to the house, stepping back before launching itself into the window, he said.

    “It looks like a dark hole, that’s the only reason I can think of for it to do that — it looked like a cave,” Ruchert said Friday. “It was looking for refuge and picked the wrong hole to jump into.”

    The window sits several feet above grade, and Vine’s basement is at ground-level, opening out onto his property. The lion jumped up into the window and over him, landing about eight feet from Vine.

    Vine’s 20-year-old stepson watched over the stairwell with a gun while Vine watched the window to make sure the animal wouldn’t come out the same way it went in. Vine couldn’t find the gun he wanted before the lion entered the house, so when friends showed up with a shotgun and a .30-30 rifle, they went into the basement.

    The lion was killed with the .30-30 at about 7:15 a.m.

    Ruchert responded, collected evidence and took the carcass. He said Vine and his friends had a right to defend the property, and said the situation was an “extremely rare case.”

    Mountain lions, he said generally try to avoid humans and dogs.

    “Normally, dogs barking at a lion would cause it to run away,” Ruchert said. “Instead of running into the hills, it jumped into a dark window.”


    I'd be pissed they took the body, after it fucked up his basment he should atleast get a mount out of it.
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    Ban mountain lions!
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    Your mother.
    shouldn't have called the cops and got it stuffed :cool:

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