TECH Move Media Plugin for Firefox


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Dec 24, 2007
Chicago, IL
So I'm back home from school for the weekend and the computer I'm using is a MacBook Pro and I was wanting to get my parents hooked on Lost...however when I go to ABC so I can watch in HD the Move Media Plugin won't load itself into Firefox, it just sits at the screen saying that when it finishes loading the playback will start automatically. I also tried using the ESPN360 site to get it to load and that didn't work. I got it working on my PC down at school just fine.

Am I missing something with this being a Mac? Normally when I use this thing everything works real easy...sometimes too easy which makes me think I'm overlooking something.

I updated this to FF3 after trying a couple times to install and I have a cable internet connection with good wireless reception so I'm thinking it's not a slow connection taking forever to load the plugin...

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