Moved from California last year and I already want to move back


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Jan 11, 2006
Newburgh, NY
Yeah lack of snow this year but on the plus side last summer wasn't bad and wasn't very humid. Didn't feel that much hotter/humid than SoCal summers.
i'm in lower NY and we're getting our first snow of the season tomorrow... 1-3" and they closed schools already lol. (mainly because we have x number of snow days built into the school calendar and haven't used any yet.)
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Apr 5, 2002
San Diego, CA
I would agree, yours is likely a rare opinion.

But, my damn Sister did the exact thing.

Peak of pandemic, my Sister and her Husband decided that San Diego was no longer for them. They lived there since 2001, raised three kids but were done.
Sold their house outside of El Cajon and moved East.

Bought a house in Wilmington, NC, 5 minutes from the Ocean. They were in the Wilmington house for less than 9 months and were miserable.

Sold the Wilmington house after 10 months, somehow somehow more or less broke even/some profit and moved back to San Diego.
They are in an AirBnB near Mount Helix in San Diego right now and are browsing for their next home.

All in all, they estimated they are out around $80 thousand dollars in miscellaneous everything costs related to moving coast to coast, twice, basically within a year.

I found it colossally ignorant, but they are rich and I am not.
I know a few people who have left only to come back, and a few who are still in denial :mamoru:


University of South Florida... in West Central Flo
Dec 29, 2000
Charleston, SC
My sister had a laundry list of items.
First, she said the humidity made her sick and she couldn't adjust. Rich people have the permission to not adjust.

Separately, she said the Wilmington water was hurting her skin. Apparently, there was something to that and she had to start seeing a dermatologist and she was breaking out and had other problems.

No friends in NC, they both claimed they didn't like the food that was available.
Husband struggled with flight availability out of that airport for his business trips. Further, he opined that it was easier for him to travel and work starting on West Coast and he didn't anticipate that.

Likely the most important reason, 2 of their kids still in San Diego. One graduated, one still in SDSU and they missed each other.

In the end, they could afford to do it and did. Insane to me, but I do love San Diego and have enjoyed my yearly visits.
Man they sound like a blast. :ugh:

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