Movement of NB/SB heatsinks

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    haven't really built a computer in a while so i'm taking my time with this one.

    anyway, as i was fidgeting with the i/o panel, i grabbed onto the nb heatsink to help push the board and it rocked back and forth a little bit. i noticed the sb heatsink does also. normal? it's been a while since i've built anything. should i pull the heatsinks off and reapply new thermal compound?

    i noticed they're just held on by these clips with springs on them which leads me to believe that they should have some movement...but eh, i don't know.

    oh, i have a ASUS M4A78-E btw.

    Edit: Another question- I have my video card installed on the bottom pci express socket with the asus chip in the other- the manual says i need to do this to run full x16 opposed to x8? i'd like to put the video card in the top socket and have the chip in the bottom one...simply put- i'd like to switch the two. will it still run in x16 mode?

    pic for reference:

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