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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DatacomGuy, Jul 15, 2007.

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    I have about 450 movies on DVD's that I've.. backed up to burned DVD's.

    When I lived in my last apartment, I had a linen closet that I stored them in, alphabetically in standard cases. I just bought a house, and don't have any area like this to store this amount of movies, and I really don't want to build or buy a media cabinet to store them in.

    So I'm thinking that it would be great to use some type of system that I could rip the movies to a hard drive, and then view them on my home theater setup without having to get up and pick up a DVD and put it in the dvd player..

    I have a Sammy DLP that plays at 1080i, so I want to keep everything at a fairly high quality. I also have a new 750GB external SATA->FW800 HDD that I haven't put anything on. Thoughts on a dynamic way to roll this out with OSX and my MBP? Or should I pickup a Mac Mini to setup as a HTPC with the external drive..

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