Movies I've seen this summer

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    Ever since graduating from college i've been at home with nothing to do so I've gone on a movie watching binge. Here's what I've seen:

    Movies seen this summer:
    -Casablanca A+
    -Deliver Us From Evil A+
    -One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest A+
    -Some Like It Hot A+
    -To Kill a Mockingbird A+
    -7 Samurai A
    -All About Eve A
    -Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A
    -City of God A
    -Der Untergang (Downfall) A
    -Gone With the Wind A
    -Great Escape, The A
    -Hot Fuzz A
    -Lives of Others, The A
    -Lost in Translation A
    -On the Waterfront A
    -Sunset Blvd. A
    -Lawrence of Arabia A-
    -Manchurian Candidate, The A-
    -North by Northwest A-
    -Pianist, The A-
    -People vs. Larry Flynt, The A-
    -Raging Bull A-
    -Treasure of the Sierra Madre A-
    -Wall Street A-
    -25th Hour, The B+
    -Dr. Strangelove B+
    -Graduate, The B+
    -Green Street Hooligans B+
    -Last King of Scotland, The B+
    -Painted Veil, The B+
    -The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly B+
    -28 Weeks later B
    -2001: A Space Odyssey B
    -Knocked Up B
    -Primal Fear B
    -Running With Scissors B
    -Venus B
    -Apocalypto B-
    -Breach B-
    -Citizen Kane B-
    -History Boys, The B-
    -Shooter B-
    -Fountain, The C+
    -Ghost Rider C-
    -Pirates of the Caribbean 3 C-
    -Employee of the Month F
    -Hannibal Rising F
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    B- for The History Boys? It was more like a B+

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