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  1. Without delving into much detail, I've been attracted to someone for almost a year now. Normally it'd be petty and menial in terms of its effect on my overall emotions, but I've been feeling a significant decline in my mood over the past six months; I fit all of the symptoms of depression.

    I've tried to limit contact with this person numerous times, but I usually can't sustain it for more than a few weeks. Even though I doubt this person is the entire (or even a significant) cause of my depression, I keep thinking that I would be in a much better emotional state if I was cut off from them. As I said earlier, a situation like this would typically be pretty meaningless, but I'm starting to come to realizations about friends, family, my future, etc. I feel guilty that I'm attracted to them. Because of that I don't talk about it (or my depression in general) with anyone.

    I'm getting worried about the effects all of this is having on me. I lost most of my appetite a couple of months ago and have entered a phase of not eating for days, which I sometimes perpetuate to starve myself. I go through mood swings quickly, which likely explains why I'm writing this now (I might regret it tomorrow). And I mentioned before, I think this person is merely the catalyst for my emotional change, but many other things are the reason for my emotions.

    Anyways... advice? :hs:
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    What's his name?
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    You know to me it sounds like you are making your heart a murder hole, people have all kinds of needs, wether it be love, going to the toilet, talking to friends, if they don't get their needs fullfilled they go crazy, so in my opinion its best to talk to a psychiatrist about your problems and depression.

    So its ok to allow yourself to be happy. Just make sure that the situation ends up in a overall happyness for everyone. That's not easy, but its a direction of life rather then bottling everything up and standing still in your life.
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    do you exercise daily, do you get enough sleep, do you lift heavy weights, do you eat a proper diet?

    no to all of those?

    your low testosterone is causing you depression most likely
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    ^ These are factors which do make a noticeable change I've found.

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